10 Breastfeeding Mistakes


Breastfeeding is the first step to nourish the newborn. Mother’s milk contains all those nutrients which are necessary for the growth and development of the baby. While breastfeeding women are asked to eat healthily, they have to be made away from certain things. Let us tell you today about ten breastfeeding mistakes that every mother has to avoid.?

Breastfeeding Mistakes

Sour Things

Do not consume bitter things like pickles, bitter fruits (orange, lemon), etc. Citrus fruits can cause acid in milk. This may cause a child with stomach aches and acidity.

Spicy Food

Do not consume strong-flavored foods like garlic, spicy chili, and spicy foods. This changes the taste of milk, which the child does not drink.

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Stay away from these Vegetables

Eating vegetables is beneficial for health, but some women who do not have lactation should not consume onion, radish, cabbage, cucumber, and broccoli. You may have problems with nervousness and stomach pain in your child.


Breastfeeding women can consume 1 cup of coffee a day, but more than that, it hinders the baby’s sleep. Apart from this, breastfeeding women should also avoid things like tea, soda, chocolate, cucumber, and kinds of seafood.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

If you go for breastfeeding, do not consume any intoxicating substances like cigarettes, alcohol, etc. This affects the development and sleep of the baby. Instead, you can drink flavored tea.


On hearing the name of beans, the mouth of the women gets watery, but it produces gas in the stomach and creates acidity. In such a situation, do not consume it during breastfeeding.

Peanuts and Corn

Eating peanuts and corn may cause child allergies, so the mother should keep a distance from it.


During this time also do not eat cinnamon and black pepper. This can cause bloating and abdominal pain in the stomach of the child.

High Mercury Fish

Avoid eating fish such as swordfish, tile-fish as it has high mercury content. Instead, you can eat salmon, catfish, and tuna fish but only eat it one time a week.

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Cottage Cheese

Consumption of cheese makes the baby more likely to produce acidity, gas, especially raw cheese. It is difficult to digest, due to which the baby may complain of stomach ache and gas.

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