Is Pregnancy Depression Dangerous For The Child?


Everything was going well for 28-year-old Natasha (name changed), she had a good job, she got married to the right person and when she felt she was pregnant too. But celebrating the happiness of her baby, she felt more restless; her self-confidence began to dwindle. (Pregnancy Depression)

She says that “I had become pessimistic, small things used to make me cry, my mother used to say this and my mother-in-law said that do not do this work. I began to hate the momentous child. Actually, I had to get counseling.?

Like hundreds of pregnant women, Natasha was also a victim of depression during pregnancy. Pregnancy, mood swings, etc. in pregnant women are mostly ignored. But this problem is very serious.

Dr. Kate, a gynecologist at Hospital in the US, states that depression is not a rare problem during pregnancy; more than 33 percent of women suffer from depression at this stage.

Does mother’s mood affect unborn baby?

For so many years it was believed that during pregnancy, hormones prevent women from being depressed. But now studies have shown that hormones formed during pregnancy start rapidly by increasing the brain’s chemical function and giving birth to depression. If this is not taken care of, then mother and child can prove to be dangerous for both. (Pregnancy Depression)

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Identify Depression

The feeling of stress and depression is a familiar feeling under pressure. They can happen without any reason or reason, but they make life difficult for human beings.

Some of these symptoms are as follows:

  • Inability to tell your feelings to other people including the doctor
  • Be focused on trouble
  • Be worried most of the time
  • Restlessness
  • Often annoying
  • Severe Sleep Problems
  • Feeling too much tired
  • Frequent negative thoughts
  • Eat all the time and do not eat at all
  • The feeling of not being happy
  • Feeling often crying and helpless

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Dr. Kate explains that sometimes, knowing about depression can be a very complicated task. This is why most of the symptoms are similar to those of pregnant women.

Keeping your child’s little concern is normal for any woman, but if it gets so much that if the routine becomes difficult, then it is essential to seek help.

Mother and child hazard

If the solution of depression is not found, then both mother and child can be at risk.

The Risk for a child:

  • Born with low weight
  • Premature birth
  • Low APGAR score
  • Trouble breathing

The Risk to mother:

  • Suicidal tendency
  • Postpartum depression or anxiety
  • Getting used to drinking alcohol or drug
  • Lack of attachment to the child
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Premature pain
  • Need C-Section Delivery

Prevention of Pregnancy Depression

Due to not being involved with most families, women become victims of depression. Apart from this, domestic violence, the anxiety of work, pregnancy decline, unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy at an early age can be the main reason for depression. The best way to avoid depression is to find love and support from the family. (Pregnancy Depression)

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Apart from all these, consider the following measures to avoid depression:

  • Help others in your housework and do not let yourself tired
  • Relax
  • Talk about problems
  • Get up and start exercising as soon as possible
  • Exit home for fresh air
  • Talk to meet other pregnant women
  • Wear beautiful clothes with baby bumps and look good
  • Yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Go out to eat with a husband on a date or at peace.

Treatment of Depression During Pregnancy

Once it is detected, start the treatment so that there is no harm to the child. These include major ways:

  • Focus on psychotherapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which teaches you to control your emotions.
  • Eat essential fatty acids as omega-3 foods such as oily fish, walnuts, etc.
  • Use light therapy in which you are placed in front of the artificial sunlight
  • Use acupuncture so your mood will remain fresh and happy.

The women who meditate on their daily routine are less likely to have depression, but Dr. Kate says that it is still necessary to meet a doctor and consult.

Note: Depression Cure does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.





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