Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

About 5 percent of the person in the world are troubled by the problem of anxiety. This problem is increasing rapidly. If you are nervous about talking, do not sleep well, disturb the overcrowding, then it can be a anxiety disorder symptoms.

Heart start to panic over trivial matters? Suddenly your heartbeats? The mind gets restless and does not understand what to do? Do you keep changing your sides while sleeping at night and somehow you do not get peace of mind? Do you get nervous at the time of examinations, climbing mountains, by the sea or at the crowds?

If so, you are a victim of anxiety disorder. In medical terms, anxiety disorder means excessive pressure on the nervous system. Due to the changing lifestyle and the competition to move forward, this problem is increasing rapidly in people.

What is an anxiety disorder?

Engagement disorder is a type of mental disorder. Panic is the most common disorder among all psychiatrists. The disease is usually seen in people between 13 and 35 years old.

At the time of anxiety disorder, the sympathetic nervous system is increased in the patient’s autonomic nervous system.

During this time, catechol amoebas increase in hormones in the body, due to which nervousness starts. If this disease is not treated at the right time, then gradually it turns into a phobia.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder | Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Unable to decide
  • Nervous speaking
  • Stomach Disorder

Side effects of anxiety disorder

According to Dr. Bansal of the Indian Medical Association, it can cause you a lot of damage.


Constant panic and lack of timely treatment can make you a victim of depression. Though you will not realize it initially, gradually you start living in depression. This can cause depression.

Staying away from people:

When you are a victim of anxiety, you start running away from people. They are cut off and want to be alone. You do not feel like talking to anyone and you start living silently.

Increasing suicidal tendencies:

As the complaint of anxiety increases, you start increasing suicidal tendencies. You start running away from yourself and try suicide again and again.

Forgetting things:

When anxiety disorder increases and you start living in depression, you start forgetting things. This problem is not directly due to anxiety, but due to problems caused by anxiety.

Failure to focus on things:

As your problem grows, you lose the ability to focus on things. You do not feel like doing anything.

Treatment of anxiety disorder

There are many effective drugs now available in the market for diseases like nervousness or restlessness. These drugs make the patient completely healthy within 12 to 15 weeks. But no medicine should be taken without the doctor’s advice.

Also, the patient should be seen by a good psychiatrist. According to Dr. Bansal, you should adopt the following measures to avoid anxiety disorder. (Anxiety Disorder Symptoms)


Doing meditation is a best way to avoid anxiety disorder that can cure you comfortably. Meditation requires that you meditate daily in the morning or evening alone. This will also bring peace to your mind and you will also avoid the problem of anxiety disorder.


People going through the problem of anxiety disorder should take a walk in the morning and evening fresh air. This will make you feel refreshed and will also get rid of your problem. This will also boost your confidence.

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Lifestyle changes:

It is very important to make changes in your lifestyle to avoid the problem of anxiety disorder. You need to sleep on time and get up on time. This will also make you sleepy. Many times you may have problems with anxiety due to lack of sleep.

Exercise daily:

To remain healthy and healthy, you should also include exercise prominently in your lifestyle. This will not only prevent you from an anxiety disorder but also many other serious problems. You should also do breathing exercises and Sheetali Pranayam. This will relieve you from anxiety disorder soon.

Nutritious diet:

To avoid this, it is necessary to have a balanced diet. In such a situation, you should avoid oily food and junk food. Along with this, sprouts and liquids should be consumed more and more.

Stay away from intoxicating substances:

Consumption of intoxicants too many times also leads to the problem of anxiety disorder. In such a situation, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs.

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