Importance of Solitude

Importance of Solitude

Although solitude and solitude are used interchangeably in many places, remember that it is important to understand which of these words are used in what context and in what sense.

Here solitude does not mean ‘to be alone’ or to be lonely without meaning. Privacy is much better than loneliness. Consistency and meaningful company is much more than solitude.

Let us first understand the difference between solitude and loneliness

  1. Words like time pass, boring, leisure, peace will come and words like peace will come.
  2. Chance, malice, running away, abandonment, avoiding duty, doodle, cowardice, willing, gallantry, disobedience.
  3. Vain craving for TV, sports, games, newspaper, magazine reading, sleep, entertainment, entertainment, and destroying or abusing anything worthwhile like self-purification, chanting, religious, spiritual reading, positive desire tree plantation There is no need to desire, etc. and proper use of time in meditation and other meaningfulness
  4. Thinking about the memories of the past and the uncertainty of the future, being alone in the body, the mind is full of things here and there; There is oneness with God, and nothing should be kept or decorated.
  5. Feelings like sadness, mental compulsion, regret, fatigue, energy and enthusiasm.
  6. Empty mind, Satan’s house possible penance, meditation, yoga possible.
  7. The person wants to escape from this situation (loneliness). One would like to move towards this state (solitude).
  8. Products of Loneliness

Discontent, irritability, aggravation of life problems, depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness. Products of Solitude Satisfaction, Solution, Mental and Emotional Improvement

Some of the evidence showing the importance of solitude is given below

  1. Distance from Meaningless Standoff

Differences in attitudes or attitudes often lead to the suppression of positivity or that creativity is not possible to refine, mutual vengeance consumes mental energy, and solitude, declared or strange duality, occurs while this energy is conserved. it occurs.

  1. Distance from Distracting Factors

Staying away from mobile and peers can create a good opportunity in itself.

  1. Ease of Worship

It is less challenging to lead the mind to spiritual practice in solitude because there is no ordinary communicator close by, with no opposition or interference.

No attention grabbers in a while. In addition, the absence of acquaintances increases the likelihood that the entangled attention to mortal topics during discussions with him will now be spared.

  1. Power-Gathering

Solitude is also priceless from the point of view of mental toughness. They are often the first obstacle in the path of Dharma and Truth. Stop moving towards reasonable goals.

Walking in a meaningful direction draws the feet back and tries to stay as far away from the sacred supreme purpose as possible and is eager to turn our mind in its favor with our arguments.

In this way solitude helps to prevent the distribution of power and to increase it continuously.

  1. Element Flow Capacity

It helps to set an eternal goal, to move forward on the path when separation occurs. Thus no external factor remains active which can stop or suppress us. The position-dew patting also provides great protection.

  1. Spiritual Prosperity

You must have seen that all the true sages were lonely lovers who lived far from fame and cities.

He also forbade his disciples to receive service for their personal or other complex tasks.

His aura was huge. This vastness of the atmosphere was also in proportion to the solitude. The mental and spiritual energy of a person living in a crowd is getting destroyed.


  1. Human beings are considered to be social animals, so in the long run it may seem difficult to handle all situations in their own way. So that it does not happen that you yourself have to work so much in search of solitude that you really cannot be alone in their affair.
  2. Only if the solitude is for good; Otherwise it will be destroyed by itself. It is wrong to sit idle; It is wrong to think bad.

Those who seduce their loved ones as soon as they are alone, or their attachment to their loved ones becomes a hindrance; So many obstacles can come in the way of solitude; In this way, how many minutes, how many hours, how many days, period of secrecy throughout life are preferred to be decided only after careful and consultation.

  1. Satsang Better Than Solitude

Solitude will be fruitful only when one’s self-knowledge is sufficient. The need for a good guide, a loyal assistant is often lifelong and always there.

The meaning of satsang is not to go to the people who spread superstition by putting up a pandal. The Srimad Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, the text of praise to the gods, and the text is also satsang, which means association of good.





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