How to lose weight without exercise pills dieting

How to lose weight without exercise or pills or dieting

Here is a simple yet effective technique on how to lose weight without pills, how to lose weight without exercise and how to lose weight without dieting. Dieting simply means management of eating habit to lose, gain or maintain weight. The management in this case means adding or reducing quantity or content (high or low calorie) of food. This is just by the way friends : )

This technique doesn’t involve any complicated, vigorous or difficult practice. As a matter of fact it is just adding this technique to our normal daily routines to accomplish weight loss irrespective of how much is eaten or how often exercises are done.

It is a simple touch up on our normal daily routines (Eating, Exercising) for effective weight loss, eating whatever we want but coupling it with few techniques to curb the rate or speed of digestion and how the digested food is used as to how much to be stored by the body as fat.

An Effective Weight Loss Begins very early in the morning

Step 1 of How to lose weight without exercise

  • Drink enough water very early in the morning right after waking up (2.5 liters); Detox,

Water should be taken very early in the morning right after waking up. I recommend 2.5 liters to be taken for starters, slowly and in bits, but not at once. I normally use 45minis to 55mins to drink 4 liters every morning. I drink 500ml (0.5ltrs) every 5 to 10mins.

This very first step of the technique is very important not only for weight loss but to a higher degree our health. It can be seen as washing a cup with water after long use right before drinking from it.

Water is a universal solvent. It also passes out quickly after drinking and can dissolve almost any solid build ups from the previous days’ food and substances taken in so that they can easily be washed out. Therefore toxins are quickly washed out in the morning to gives us a fresh start.

This water also dissolves the digestive juices in the stomach to ensure easy digestion and absorption of any incoming solid or complex food. The water also ensures smooth and easy passage of the food to be taken.

A fraction of the water we drink also gets absorbed into the blood stream and passes through some major organs such as the kidney etc. This is crucially beneficial to us very early in the morning to ensure an easy start of function of these major organs since the water is lightweight. Our major organs are overloaded and grow weaker by the day if they are rather introduced to big chunky foods right after waking up. So far so good! No exercise done.

Step 2 of How to lose weight without dieting

  • Eat enough food (High calorie and protein) very early in the morning from 40mins after the last drop of water (2.5ltrs) is taken; Nourish

This step comes next to the first step. Eating your food very early in the morning is very important. Studies have shown that an often delay in breakfast can give rise to other serious health problems even such as stomach ulcer. The stomach lies empty for a long time during the night when we sleep. It is therefore very important to fill it with enough food right after waking up. Why wait?

The body’s system functions at full capacity in the morning through the afternoon. Most organs resume full functioning after a long night break and therefore require enough necessary nutrients from the morning’s food to keep up with the daily activities.

This means that foods high in protein and calorie should be taken. Here any food at all that one could ever lust for should be eaten very early in the morning. Food should be eaten to satisfaction but not over satisfaction.

It is also true that most of the food we eat during this early time of the day is digested quickly into energy for use to keep up the organs with our daily energy demanding routines and schedules.  What this means is that less is converted and stored as fats during this period.

Take advantage of this and eat as much as you lust for. After all the body will use most of it as energy to keep you active and going till evening. So far so good! No dieting done.

Step 3 of how to lose weight without exercise

  • Eat or drink nothing (Including water) after every meal for 3 hours

One important fact about how to lose weight without exercise, how to lose weight without dieting and how to lose weight without pills is to give the stomach time without distraction or interruption of the digestion process after eating anything. Even water shouldn’t be taken.

It takes roughly 6 to 8 hours for the stomach to finish its part of the digestion process and pass on the food (complex or high calorie and protein) to the small intestine. It is therefore very important to keep this process uninterrupted or undistracted for at least 3 hours.

Water should even be avoided before the 3 hours because it will wash away the diluted digestive juices. This in turn extends the 6 to 8 hours to 10 to 12 hours. Also the food will not be mixed with enough digestive juices. It will then enter the smaller intestine in an unsuitable state. The effect of this is directly linked with weight gain.

Normally hunger is supposed to be felt only after food has moved from the stomach to the small intestine. But in this case, hunger is felt after a short period of time when this process is interrupted despite the food still sitting in the stomach for 10 to 12 hours. Why? Because the body never derived any or enough nutrients from what was eaten. What then? It will signal for more food.

What happens next? More food is taken to add up to what already sits in the stomach. Can you guess what this results to?

Digestion is very slow at night and during sleep. This is safe and not a problem if all food passes into the intestines. But it is risky if food still sits in the stomach at this time. We often end up going to bed with food still sitting in the stomach instead of the intestines because of this interruption of process.

The body goes through a hard time dealing with this. Instead of digesting, it will convert and store any unnecessary and improperly digested food into fats. This means weight gain fellas, and oh constipation, sleeping disorders, night sweating, bad dreams not to talk of many.

Step 4 of how to lose weight without pills

  • Drink water (1 liter or above slowly and in bits) 3 hours after every meal

Once again it should take roughly 6 to 8 hours for the stomach to finish its part of the digestion process and pass on the food (complex or high calorie and protein) to the small intestine. Water is needed to soften or loosen food in the stomach to ensure easy, smooth and quick passage unto the intestine only when it has been properly mixed with the digestive juices.

The Food eaten would have been properly juice mixed after about 3 hours. Eating again before this time interrupts the process which results to as discussed above in step 3. Drinking water before this time also washes away the digestive juices which also results to the same as discussed in step 3.

The 6 to 8 hours of the time from stomach to intestine is uninterrupted and even reduced to around 4 hours when water is taken only on or after the first half (that is 3hrs) of this time period.  It simply implies more food but this time healthily and appropriately since there is high or increased rate of the digestion process. This also makes the last step 5 to be discussed very easy. So far so good! No pills taken but more food.

Step 5 of how to lose weight without exercise, pills or dieting

  • Eat your last meal 40 minutes after drinking the last drop of water in (step 4) and most importantly before 4 pm

This is the last step of the technique. It is last yet equally important as step 1. It can be considered as a rule. This rule is an exercise in itself, a medication (pill) in whole and lastly a dieting plan. This is because it makes sure that one of the greatest advice from doctors is easily and seamlessly obeyed.

The greatest and most effective exercise, medication prescription and dieting plan ever advised by top medical or health professionals is the advice of EATING 5 to 6 HOURS BEFORE BEDTIME. Going to bed with food still sitting in the stomach is the secret and unknown cause of most medical or health conditions ever discovered. Diabetes, stroke, cancer, and what have you?

The body is either healing or getting sick. The night was intended to be the healing phase or time for the body. More waste and toxin is gathered in the body during the day from what we eat. Nothing is done to this since digestion is ongoing. When digestion stops, healing begins.

This is why it is crucially important to halt digestion before going to bed. Eat 5 to 6 hours before bedtime so that healing can begin whiles you sleep.

Eat the last meal before 4 pm. Drink (Water, fruit juices, beer etc.) into the night 3hrs after eating. I recommend more or only water than other liquids even though any can be taken.

I realized something tremendous and interesting in my journey of using this technique. This is why step 5 is very important. I have noticed that weight loss occurs mostly at night when we are in the state of inactivity (Sleep). The certainty and surety of this also depends greatly on the state of the stomach at the time one goes to bed i.e empty or not.

Weight loss really happens at this time when we have enough sleep time and also only when there is no food sitting in the stomach. As a matter of fact, I realized that enlargement (bloating) occurs even during the peak hours of the day no matter how much exercise is done. Chances of getting back to normal (reduction) the following day becomes thin or less when;

  1. We go to bed very late (Minimum sleep time). More sleep time equals more healing (weight loss) time
  2. The stomach still contains food at bedtime

Here is something to try;

  1. Take off your shoes for some time around 5 pm. Try putting your shoes back on after about an hour and 30 mins. Note down any observations.
  2. Put the same shoes back on in the morning on the following day. Note down any observations and compare to No.1
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 but this time go to bed very late. Compare your observations with that of steps 1 and 2 and leave them in the comment box.

Healing simply means repairing or getting things back to their normal state. Weight loss is therefore a phase of the whole healing process at night. In the case of the human body, an aspect of healing is simply replacing the number of cells lost during the day.

That is why this technique encourages eating anything without dieting. Foods such as protein contain the necessary elements for replacing these cells in the healing process during sleep.

What the technique does is simply to prepare us enough in every necessary way and aspect to achieve complete healing during sleep which also includes weight loss. Hence how to lose weight without exercise, how to lose weight without pills and how to lose weight without dieting.


  • Drink 2.5 liters or more of water right after waking up. Take it bit by bit to arrive at 2.5 liters
  • Eat a heavy meal for breakfast (latest 9 am) 40mins after the last drop of the 2.5 liters of water is taken
  • Eat your very last meal before 4 pm
  • Avoid the habit of drinking water whiles eating or eating or drinking before or within 3hrs after any meal
  • Drink 1 liter or more of water only 3hrs after any meal
  • Eat anything (heavy or light) only from 40-60mins after taking the last drop of water
  • Drink water (preferably) or any liquid into the night 3hrs after last meal.

Technique Observations and Analysis

It can be seen after using this great technique that;

  1. Water is taken right after waking up every morning.
  2. A heavy diet is taken very early every morning
  3. Water is taken at least 40 mins before every meal and therefore;
  4. There is no feeling thirsty whiles eating or immediately after eating
  5. Water is only felt for and taken 3hrs after every meal and therefore;
  6. There is no feeling hungry immediately after every meal till after 3hrs
  7. Hunger is only felt after taking water 3hrs after every meal therefore;
  8. The habit of eating in-between meals or shortly after every meal is avoided
  9. A maximum of 2-3 meals can be taken in a day depending on No.2 (Time of breakfast)
  10. The last meal is always taken around 3-4 pm depending No.2,3,5
  11. Only water or liquids (beer, fruit juices, etc.) is taken after last meal therefore
  12. 4 to 8 liters of water is taken daily
  13. Because of no.12 food hardly sits in stomach during bedtime and therefore
  14. One will lose weight without exercise, lose weight without pills, lose weight without dieting
  15. There is always appetite very early in the morning when No.1 is started


*It is very important to read the information very well to the maximum understanding before using it.

*It is important to consult a health professional before using this technique. DepressionCure® wont be held liable for any issues whatsoever that might arise in the use of the information provided.





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