Even Medical Science Suggests Meditation

Even Medical Science Suggests Meditation

Stress and depression can be controlled through meditation. Within days of meditating, tremendous changes in the brain begin. Now, these claims are also being made by the psychologists of the Tubingen Medical College. (Medical Science)

Discover your inner journey, peace, and bliss. Hindu monks and Buddhist monks meditate for this for several hours every day. How does the power of thoughts affect the brain and body? Scientists are now getting more information about this.

Brain waves are being closely examined before and after meditation at Tubingen University. The measurement shows that only after eight weeks, some obvious changes in the brain begin.

“We have found a very interesting effect. We measured the brain’s potentials that reflect alertness, alert alertness. And this possibility increased after therapy,” says psychologist Dr. Vladimir Bostanova of the University of Tubingen.

Long Tradition of Meditation Among Hindu Monks and Buddhist Monks

More voltage was measured on the surface of the brain. It tells that changes are taking place in a very deep way. In recent times, these claims have also been confirmed through computer tomography. In the depth of the brain, nerves expand, and communicate more. (Medical Science)

New nerves also develop. In places where more capacity is required, there is permanent wiring of nerves.

This mechanism explains how the power of thoughts affects the physical process and the body. The same process also explains the so-called placebo effect.

Trust only on this can affect the last cell of the body. Thoughts have a direct impact on the nervous system as well as our immune system.

For example, when a harmful element enters the body from outside, the immune system releases the mast cell, which is the body’s resistance measure. These mast cells are affected by the neurons of the brain and the nervous system that carries them.

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They release more antibodies after receiving specific signals and fight against the external intruder effectively. The body can send these antibodies only when it is healthy, you exercise regularly, and most importantly, live a stress-free life.

The Place of Meditation In Buddhism is Very High

Martin Howtsinger, another psychologist at the university, says, “It’s like an optimistic view, focus on things you know well or things you’re not strong about. It’s a mental process. Mindset or thought, definitely Affect mood and psychology as well. “

Science is now entering this world inside the body; the secrets of treatment through thought are being understood. Surely, meditation has positive effects on the brain and body.

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