Chronic Depression: Young People of Ireland are Worst Affected Compared to European Counterparts

Chronic Depression

Over 10% of the young people of Ireland are suffering from chronical depression, as per new study from the Eurofound.

Data for the year 2014 shows that 4% of the Europeans age between 15-24 were chronically depressed.

The highest rates of chronic depression were in Ireland (12%), which is followed by Finland (11%), Sweden (10%), and Germany (9%).

On the other side, data from the year 2016 shows that around 14% of European peoples from ages 18-24 were at risk of depression.

Young people in Sweden were most at risk of chronic depression, followed by those in Malta, Estonia, the Netherlands, and in the UK.

Gender is a significant factor in the problem of depression, the report noted, with the data showing that in the majority of the Member States young women age between 15?24 were more likely to suffer from then depression than younger men.

The vast gender gaps were in Germany, Ireland, Denmark, and Sweden. Only in Greece, Cyprus, and Lithuania were the countries where higher percentages of young men with depressive symptoms.

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This data also indicators that young women are more likely to handle the upsetting issues internally a factor linked to the depression, according to the data/ report. These include the higher rates of eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia among this group compared to the young men.

Socioeconomic status has a substantial impact on the risk of depression in young people, as per the report. Those peoples living in households in the lowest income category are more likely to be at risk of chronic depression.

This report also noted that the incidence of both cyberbullying and bullying are on the rise in so many countries, with the highest prevalence in the Baltic states and the French-speaking community in a country like Belgium.

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Chronic Depression: Young People of Ireland are Worst Affected Compared to European Counterparts





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