5 Ways To Control Angry Child


What is your reaction when your child is angry? How do you calm your Angry Child? If we talk about the data, then there can be annoying things with children under four to nine. This shows how angry children are becoming nowadays, so parents need to know how to control this anger.

When the child is angry, the most important thing for you is to try to remain calm. If you too are angry in this situation, the situation will worsen. So we will tell you some techniques by which you can calm your child’s anger.

How do I control my child’s anger?

5 Ways To Control Angry Child

Rate Anger

Your first step should be to teach the child how to identify emotions of anger. For that, ask your child to rate himself between 0 to 9 whenever he is angry.

For example, 0 means that the child is not angry, and nine means that he is very angry. Whenever the child is angry, ask him how many in the rating of 0 to 9, will he rate his anger? This will also divert his attention from anger.

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Ask Count

Whenever your child gets angry, ask him to first count from 1 to 50, and if the child is small, ask him to count to 10 or 20. Encourage him to take a deep breath and close his eyes and imagine his favorite things. Visualization can also be done with or without deep breathing. Teach them to leave the body loose for 15 seconds to reduce stress.

Convince Yourself

When your child is angry, to calm him, you can tell him to relax, take a deep breath, calm down. Also, keep in mind that your mind and way of speaking should be very quiet.

Apart from this, teach the child that whenever he gets angry, he tells himself that I am calm, do not make me angry, I have to find a solution to this problem, I am a good child. Repeat these things, again and again, doing so will help him to calm his anger.

Mind Your Behavior

The child learns as you do in your life. Children indeed try to imitate their parents. Therefore, your child will behave the same way you act when you get angry. So, you control your anger.

Promote Children’s Hobbies

Whatever your child’s hobby, be it painting, dancing, sports, singing or playing, encourage him/ her so that his/ her mind moves towards positivity. (Angry Child)

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When the child controls anger, reward him. Don’t just reward him with food and drink, but hug him or pat him on the back. Appreciate his work so that he feels his value.

The most important is to make your home safe for children. Help him stay stress-free at home. Talk to them about how they are feeling.

Teaching your child how not to get angry or to control him will keep his mind calm, and it will affect his whole life.

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