Sometimes it is common to be afraid or worried about something or place. But when you stop venturing out to the outside world or going to a particular area because of fear, because you feel that you might get stuck there or you can’t get any help, then it is a symptom of “agoraphobia.”?

Agoraphobia means “fearing the crowd” which is a type of “anxiety disorder”. People suffering from this disorder have extreme fear. People with agoraphobia disorder are afraid to move out of the house. However, there are some types of medicines and therapies that can help treat this condition.

What is agoraphobia

The word “agoraphobia” had comes from the ancient Greek word named “agora”, which means to refer to a crowded place. This condition is often understood as a general fear of open space, but it is, in fact, a highly complex condition. People with this disorder try to visit such places or avoid situations that make them feel helpless, embarrassed or afraid.

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Symptoms of agoraphobia – Agoraphobia Symptoms

What are the symptoms of Agoraphobia i.e. fear of the crowd?

People with agoraphobia feel anxious and stressed when they think about or visit a particular place, especially about a place where they are not physically and mentally ready to go. It is challenging for them to get out of the house and feel scared.

Agoraphobia can also cause some other physical symptoms that are related to a panic disorder, such as:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Excessive sweating
  • Trembling body
  • Trouble breathing
  • Cold or hot
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • dizziness
  • to faint
  • Scared to death

When should the doctor see?

In agoraphobia, you feel shy or afraid of going out of the house, working or going to a function like a wedding party. Not only this, but your normal life is also greatly affected by agoraphobia. If you are having any such problem, you should talk to your doctor about this as soon as possible.

Causes of agoraphobia – Agoraphobia Causes

Why are you afraid of the crowd?

No information has yet been elucidated as to why agoraphobia occurs. Some experts believe that agoraphobia can arise if there is any problem related to the area of ??the brain that controls fear. There are some factors, however, that are known to be risk factors for agoraphobia.?

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These may include:

  • Depression
  • Other types of phobias such as claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces) and social phobia (fear of social activities)
  • Some other types of anxiety disorders such as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and general anxiety disorder.
  • Ever been the victim of physical or sexual harassment
  • First in the family to have agoraphobia
  • Women (the problem of agoraphobia is seen in women compared to men)

Prevention of agoraphobia – Prevention of Agoraphobia

How to prevent agoraphobia?

Can agoraphobia be cured? It is not possible to prevent crowd fear every time. However, if anxiety and panic disorder are tested and treated promptly, then in some cases, agoraphobia can be prevented.

If treatment is started on time, it remains accessible and works quickly, and the condition can be prevented from worsening.

If you are afraid of going to a safe place, try to visit that place again and again if possible. And, if you cannot go to that place alone, you can take a family member or friend with you.

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Diagnosis of agoraphobia – Diagnosis of Agoraphobia

How is agoraphobia tested?

Congestion disorder is tested based on:

  • Depending on the signs and symptoms of agoraphobia
  • Doctor asking patient some in-depth questions
  • By physical examination, so that any other problem can be detected which is causing symptoms like agoraphobia
  • If the patient feels severe fear or anxiety during any of the following conditions, the doctor may prescribe agoraphobia:
  • Travel by public train or bus etc.
  • Being in an open space like store or parking etc.
  • Be in a tight place such as a car or lift
  • Being in a crowded place
  • Being away from home alone

Treatment of agoraphobia – Agoraphobia Treatment

How to treat fear of congestion?

How do you fix agoraphobia? Agoraphobia disorder is usually treated with drugs or psychotherapy, or both can be used together. Agoraphobia can be effectively treated if patients go to the doctor as soon as possible.


There are many medicines that doctors can use to treat agoraphobia. In most cases, young children are given anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.

Doctors begin these drugs with low doses and which gradually increase the level of a chemical called “serotonin” in the brain. When the level of serotonin increases in the mind, you start feeling better. Medications that increase serotonin levels include Celexa, Apexar, Zoloft, Lexapro and Prozac, etc.

Medications to treat agoraphobia usually require six months to 1 year of medicine. If you feel well and do not feel afraid or ashamed to get out, the doctor gradually reduces the medication and eventually stops.

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Doctors may use cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy to treat agoraphobia. With this procedure, the doctor tells you the ways to deal with the conditions that make you feel afraid.

These methods will help reduce your fear. During this time span, the patient is taught the correct way to do relaxation and breathing exercises. Many times therapists adopt exposure therapy, in which the patient is gradually habituated to activities that make him afraid.

Complications of agoraphobia – Agoraphobia Complication

What complications do agoraphobia cause?

If you are afraid of going into a crowd, then it can affect many normal activities in your life. If agoraphobia is severe enough, you may also feel scared to leave your home. Some patients remain indoors for years due to lack of treatment.

Individuals with agoraphobia disorder cannot go home to their friends and relatives, cannot go to work or school and are not adequately able to be a part of other people’s lives. People suffering from this disorder become dependent on the help of others.

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