Top 5 Ways To Propose For Marriage

Top 5 Ways To Propose For Marriage

You have discovered the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life and the person to whom you want to propose for marriage. It was terrible to fall in love, but now, whenever you think about proposing, your hands start shivering.

Don’t worry – it becomes easy to propose marriage when you have planned the game. Follow these steps and you will reach the wedding altar soon.

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  1. Make sure both of you are ready for marriage:

Before leaping you should know if you are ready to go long distances with your partner. The marriage proposal will change your life forever and you should understand that you are doing it for the right reasons. Like this:

Ask yourself if you can’t live without the girl you are asking to marry. If you can’t imagine your life without her, and she can make everything in your life better and more meaningful, then this is the time to propose.

Ask yourself if you have spent so much time in this regard that you have understood your fellow friend. If you’ve only been together a few months, then you’re probably doing something early for the wedding.

It is okay that every relationship has a time limit, but make sure that you have tested the person you are loving, both in good and bad times, so that this person’s long-term relationship will make you feel has occurred.

If you are eagerly looking forward to the life ahead with your soulmate, such as traveling together, buying a house, or having children, if both of you want to, then this is probably the time to propose.

Do not propose just because you are under pressure, because you have been so long in this regard that you are obliged to do something ahead of it, or all the people around you are getting married. You should make the offer only when the time is right for you.

Make sure that your partner is thinking about marriage in the same way as you. If the two of you have been together for a long time, and are also serious about commitment to each other, then chances are that the topic of marriage will also have arisen and you will know that your sweetie is ready to move on to the next step. is.

Even if you have not directly asked if she will “marry” you, you should have a strong feeling that she is understanding your things in the same way and is ready to live a permanent life.

  1. Choose the right ring:

Before you propose, you must choose the right ring. This will depend entirely on the kind of person your sweetie is. Some girls keep dreaming of the proposal throughout their life, and they have chosen a ring in their mind, while there are girls who do not even know the size of the rings. These are some methods to ensure that the right ring is chosen for the right girl:

Try to find out what kind of ring she wants. If your Lover is going to tell clearly what kind of ring she wants, then just ask her opinion. For example, if you have a friend who has been engaged recently, then you should study her engagement ring and ask your sweetheart what she thinks about it. Is she too short, fat, or too shiny, or just fine?

If your girlfriend is very mean about jewelry and you do not want to waste your offer because of the wrong ring, then ask her to show you the ring of your choice online. Or do you want to be more gracious in that regard, then go with him to a neighborhood market where you know that there is a ring shop, and ask him to go see some rings, “jokingly”. This will not make your plan seem pre-planned.

If your girlfriend is very talkative about engagement, then chances are that she may have told her sure friend what exactly she wants. If you “really” trust a friend of hers and know that she won’t reveal the secret, and want the engagement to be a surprise, then ask her.

Do not get overwhelmed to get the proper ring. A lot of girls don’t always think about the proper engagement ring! (Other than a few)

If you have a family heirloom, such as a grandmother’s ring, then it would be a beautiful gesture to propose with this ring, thus you will be inviting her to join your family.

Giving your girlfriend a grandmother’s ring, instead of giving her something that you bought – at any cost, is a much more serious attempt.

However, make sure that your grandmother’s ring is still in fashion. You may not want to create an awkward situation in which your boyfriend/girlfriend cannot bear your grandmother’s ring, but because saying so will hurt your feelings and your family’s feelings, she will accept your proposal in future. I can only hesitate (fearing that you are not going to use the same ring), or maybe turn you down.

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  1. Choose the right time:

For the appropriate proposal you should choose the right time to ask questions. You need to strike a balance between surprising the girl, or being shocked.

He should have an idea that something like this is going to happen in the next few months, but the exact date and time should not be known. Choose the appropriate time:

Surprise your sweetie.

Your proposal will become more romantic if it does not know the date of the offer. If you have recently discussed the measurements of the ring, then the question will be asked after some time.

You can surprise your lover by blushing or removing yourself from the conversation about marriage. You should not be isolated and know that you love her, but do such mischief with her that she starts thinking that you are not in a hurry to get married, when you are planning to propose .

Surprise the sweetie – but to a point.

Make sure your girlfriend has an understanding that the engagement will take place shortly. If the topic of marriage is never raised, and he has not even got time to think if he is ready for it, then you are probably making a strange proposal.

Choose a comfortable time.

Make sure that you choose a time of life for your engagement when both of you are relatively relaxed. If she is studying, then do not make this proposal a month before the exams.

If she is working, then do not propose in times of very busy work. Choose such time when both of you are relatively relaxed, and if possible, you can also take a short trip to celebrate the engagement.

If you can escape, do not ask her to marry you when she is going to have 3 or 4 friends in which she has an important role. She will be so busy with their concern that she will not be able to concentrate on herself.

If you want to be amazed, avoid proposing on days that are too obvious, such as Valentine’s Day, or the day you take your parents to introduce them to a festive occasion.

Understand that time is not everything. If you want to ask your girlfriend to be your wife, then ask. Do not spend your life waiting for the right time for the proposal.

People are always busy, keep coming to work, and you will never feel that both of you can dedicate yourself to planning a wedding. If you want to get married, propose, and the rest will automatically come to your understanding.

  1. Select the appropriate place:

Once you know when you want to propose, you will need to select the appropriate place. To make the best impact, you should choose a place that is romantic, private and special for both of you. Keep these things in mind:

Select a romantic location.

Offer from the top of the mountain in the rose garden, on the ocean shore, or if you both like climbing mountains.

Select a private place.

Do not hesitate by proposing your Lover in a public place, such as during a game, at a big party or just on the street. If you want to propose it in your favorite restaurant, then request for a back seat.

It doesn’t matter if some people are around, but your beloved should feel truly special – not the pressure to say yes.

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Personalize the situation.

A place that is special for both of you will be even more impressive than the most romantic place in the world. If you take him to “your” favorite restaurant in place of the city’s most luxurious restaurant, or to a place where the two of you met for the first time, or have fallen in love with you, the offer would be much more special than it would have been if It would have been done at some worn-out romantic place.

Take him on a journey.

If you take her for a special holiday, then your beloved must be waiting for such an offer. Take her to a place that is special to both of you, such as a place where you both want to go together, or a place where you spent your first vacation.

You can surprise him even when you behave as if you are not going to propose him during the holidays. For example, on the ocean shore, walk for a long time without asking anything and it will start to feel that this journey is just for fun.

But if you are getting distraught to propose, and also want to enjoy the holidays, then as soon as you get there, propose and enjoy!

  1. Ask the questions correctly:

Now that you have decided when and where you want to propose, it is time for execution. You thus want to ask her if she will marry you, which she will never forget. Ask like this:

Stay straight.

Tell him how lucky you are to have found him, and how you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Then ask, “Will you marry me?”

Be creative

The question of marrying her, with the help of the restaurant waiter, the question on her dessert, “Will you marry me?” Get it done If she likes fun, then you will be wearing a t-shirt under your fabulous shirt, “Will you marry me?” You can also ask this question by writing.

Be honest

Don’t just ask her for marriage but also take time to tell her how special she is. To tell this, you can also give him a letter and see him reading.

Do not overdo it

You don’t need fireworks, dancing groups, or any celebrity to tell her how special she is. Do not distance yourself from the fact that together you are going to take an important step.


  • Do not propose when you are completely drunk. Your engagement should be such that both of you remember it throughout your life.
  • Make sure it is ready for marriage, if not, do not rush because you have plenty of time available.
  • Offer on a day when both of you are feeling well-dressed and healthy.
  • If you are offering it in a restaurant, then try to choose a place where you usually do not squeeze in a lot, and do not fill up so much that you are too tired to celebrate.
  • Make sure before you announce your engagement on Facebook, let all your close friends and family know about it. Otherwise they will feel bad.
  • Make sure your girlfriend has a cell phone. Perhaps she would like to tell her parents or even closest friends immediately.
  • When you propose, choose a special place that means a lot to both of you. Like, the place where the two of you met.


Do not propose until you are 100% ready for marriage. If you panic in a relationship, it will fail, and you will harm the person you are asking this question.

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