10 Reasons Why People With Anxiety Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Introduction of the People With Anxiety

1. They over blame themselves.

They start believing that they are not good enough for the person they are in a relationship and are over deceptive of every choice which they make. And they steadily beat themselves over their mistakes and cannot get a clinch on their self-worth. (People With Anxiety)

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2. They are afraid of having panic attacks.

They always feel tense, anticipating, and waiting for a panic attack to start. They usually won’t be able to predict that when a panic attack could happen to them, but because of how much power these attacks can be, they are continuously worried about when it will attack.

3. They see their first dates as their hell.

They will spend so many hours trying to give themselves energy talks to generate the encouragement to even go through their first date. Meeting someone new is absolutely scary in the first place, and when you are suffering from anxiety, it can be genuinely hardened.

4. They won’t negotiate for just anyone.

Not only they are looking for a good girlfriend or boyfriend, but they are also looking for someone who will listen and understand their mental illness. They can not date someone uninformed about their problem, and they also need someone who can give them support and empathy. (People With Anxiety)

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5. They always feel alone with their anxiety.

When you do not struggle with anxiety, you cannot possibly know or understand what it feels like to be in trouble with this illness. People who are suffering from anxiety always feeling themselves alone in their heads and also hate to contact like they are a burden to others.

6. They seek to talk comfortably with someone new.

Talking with a stranger is very difficult to do for someone who is suffering from anxiety. They are always worried about not having enough conversation starter words, and also bother about the conversation going failing. And they also want to show like they are calm and cool, and this is nearly impossible for them to do.

7. They are dominated by thoughts of their relationship ending.

As soon as they are in a great relationship with someone, they start to think anxiously about the ending of their relation. They can become absorbed with the thoughts of their partner, leaving them alone out of the blue, or breaking up with them because they think their partner found someone better. They are always tense about ending up alone once again.

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8. They worry that someone other deserves better than them.

They hate to think that other peoples feel that they are a burden and are usually precise people charm. And they lean to believe that their partner deserves someone who does not have a problem of anxiety and that they would be better left without them.

9. They will do anything to avoid arguments and confrontations.

Individuals peoples with anxiety reject any dispute. While some of the fights can be healthy, and they will do anything and everything in their strength to ignore or run away from the arguments.

This thing can cause even more tension in their relationships because then they will leave their partner out no matter how much significant other surround the problem. (People With Anxiety)

10. They can start trusting their partner for anxiety-related problems.

They can deal with the anxiety on their own. But, when they start to have a great relationship, and their partner starts learning about how to relieve them when they are suffering from the problem, they start worrying again that they might grow dependent on this person.

They do not want to become wholly reliant on their girlfriend or boyfriend because if their relationship ends up, then they will have to start all the things over again.

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