Jet Lag

What is jet lag

Jet lag is also known as a jet lag disorder. This is a temporary sleep problem. This disorder occurs in people who travel rapidly in different time zones (fixed time of a particular place).


For example, India, London, and other countries have different times, so traveling to these different time countries in short time intervals causes the problem of jet lag.

A person’s body also functions according to the time; it is called biological clock and circadian rhythms. Through this biologic clock, the body gets the signal to sleep and wake up.

The problem of jet lag occurs because your body is set or functions according to the time zone of the current place rather than the traveling place. The more time you cross the zone, the greater the chances of suffering from the jet lag disorder.

Jet Lag Symptoms

What are the symptoms of jet lag?

Every person experiences different symptoms in the problem of jet lag. In this problem, a person may experience one symptom, and one may suffer many symptoms simultaneously.

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Following are the symptoms that occur in jet lag:

  • Not sleeping properly, such as sleeplessness, waking up early, or sleeping longer.
  • Tiredness throughout the day.
  • Having difficulty concentrating on any task.
  • Stomach problems, such as constipation or diarrhea.
  • To feel sick.
  • Change in mood, etc.
  • When to go to the doctor

The problem of jet lag is temporary, but if you travel regularly the problem of jet lag continues to bother you, then you should meet a sleep specialist and start treatment to prevent this problem.

Jet Lag Causes?

Why is there a jet lag?

Unlike the biologic clock of the body, traveling continuously to a place in another time zone creates a problem of jet lag. Experts say that due to sunlight, eating time, meeting people in the society, some factors and activities of the body control the circadian rhythm.

When you enter from the current time zone to another time zone, your biologic clock is unable to match the external time zone. It take some time for your body to adjust according to the time of another place or to become corresponding to it.

Air travel also increases this problem. A study found that the pressure in the cabin of the plane at the height of 8000 feet during air travel reduces the level of oxygen in the blood, and lack of water, due to which the passengers feel confused.

Prevention of Jet Lag?

How to avoid jet lag?

The following tips are given to you to prevent this problem.

To travel to another country, you should choose an evening flight, and during the journey, you should sleep till 10 pm.

You should prepare before traveling to the countries of the East or West. For this, you should make a habit of sleeping early and awake for a few days before going to the east, while adopting the habit of sleeping and waking up late before going to the west.

After boarding the flight, you should mix the clock according to the place of travel. To stay active during the journey in flight, exercise, or walk a little bit is necessary.

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Apply a mask to the eyes and earplugs to the ears to sleep during the flight. Try to sleep before arriving at night at the last stop of your journey. To get rid of sluggishness, you should try to get a short sleep of twenty minutes.

Drink proper amount of water during the journey, but reduce alcohol or caffeine intake to avoid water shortage during this time.

Jet Lag Treatment

What is the treatment of jet lag?

Till now, no treatment is available for this problem, but by lifestyle changes, you can reduce the effect of its symptoms. In treating this, you should adopt the following suggestions.

Stay physically fit and healthy:

People who are physically fit, get complete sleep, and eat a balanced diet have less trouble than others.

Other problems to control:

Other pre-existing health problems such as lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes can cause severe symptoms of jet lag. In such a situation, you should go on a journey only after getting medical advice.

Facts about Air Travel

At present, the number of people traveling on an airplane is continuously increasing. Usually, the number of people moving on the airplane is around one million.

9 Jetlag Facts

Know some facts to make your air travel smarter. These nine facts will be shocking for you.

  1. Your naked body will not be visible to the security personnel with the body scanner installed for security at the airport. After a lot of disputes, the scanners installed at airports around the world have been improved.
  2. Airbus A380 can carry 853 passengers at a time. The airplane is so big that an airport like London-based Heathrow has been renovated.
  3. The aircraft can fly very vertically if required. In a very vertical style. Because now airplanes have a new engine. Although such flight is not practiced in commercial flights, it can happen whenever you want.
  4. The airplane can be bent by 90 degrees during test flights. However, it worsens the balance.
  5. Designers have started efforts to control people’s behavior at some airports. The seating arrangement at the departure door is the result of these efforts. You will get limited seats here.
  6. Our taste changes during the air journey. More salt is used in food given in airlines. But due to the high pressure, we do not know about it in taste.
  7. You will not be sure, but people leave more gas during air travel. Due to this, charcoal filters are used to reduce odor in airplanes.
  8. To avoid the fatigue caused by flying, you should start preparing for a new time-zone before traveling.
  9. Despite high-profile air accidents in the recent past, it is the safest to go by statistics these days.

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