7 Early Morning Sex Benefits to Body and Mind

7 Early Morning Sex Benefits to Body and Mind

Suppose you come home late from the office. You and your partner are exhausted from the day’s running. No matter how much you are interested in sex in this situation, but, fatigue becomes so much that it does not take courage. (Early Morning Sex Benefits)

Such scenarios nowadays appear in front of almost every couple. Such a burden of work and such a stressful life is responsible for this. Even the data suggests that working couples do not have sex because they are too tired from their work.

So why don’t you have sex in the morning? It is true that in the morning you and your partner are very busy preparing to go to the office, due to which you do not get time till breakfast, sex is very far away.

But some recent discoveries show that sex in the morning is very beneficial for your health. So now you have to take the time. Here are some benefits of having sex in the morning:

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  1. Increase in sexual desire:

In the morning you are refreshed, that’s why the enjoyment of sex is also at its peak. Due to this, blood circulation in the genitals is also healthy and your sexual desire increases.

  1. Shiny skin:

Due to sex, the hormone secretion of estrogen is increased in the body due to which the skin of women becomes healthy and shiny.

  1. Heart attack prevention:

Sex in the morning reduces your blood pressure to a great extent and when your blood pressure is controlled, the chances of a heart attack also decrease.

  1. Treatment of depression:

Research has found that if you enjoy sex till late in the morning, a hormone called oxytocin is secreted in the brain which helps reduce depression. (Early Morning Sex Benefits)

  1. Fender prevention:

Since sex in the morning decreases your blood pressure and dilutes your arteries, the risk of stroke also decreases.

  1. Improve immunity:

In the morning sex increases the amount of immunoglobulin A in the body, which increases your immunity and your body is able to fight against diseases.

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  1. Help in reducing weight:

Having sex in the morning consumes about 300 calories at a time, which helps in reducing your weight.

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