Dominate Depression Review

100% Legit Dominate Depression Review

Dominate Depression – Are you STILL Depressed?

Stop trying to think positive, change your subconscious, alternating between random medications, or using “willpower” to overcome your depression.

I suffered from depression for 11 years and solved it? without medication.

After years of reading every book.

Years of trying every method.

Thinking I had the solution only to spiral downwards again and again into the hell of depression.

I finally made a revolutionary discovery: Depression is a sign that something is out of whack? in your physiology. Once you correct root issues preventing your body and brain from functioning properly, you can be depression free.

You don?t ?think positive? to beat depression. You beat depression and as a result you ?think positive.?

How does that happen? With the power of fixing the overlooked causes of your depression and building the foundation for reversing depression?s pathways in the brain.

For the first time, I am releasing everything that contributed to the rock solid foundation of recovery that I built for myself, the exact foundation that has allowed me to stay relatively depression free ever since.

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From Depressed to Success…

The results were life-changing. Instead of feeling tired and depleted everyday, I felt motivated and excited. Ambitious, even. I started enjoying time spent with friends, activities that I had forgotten were once passions, and was able to have a day free of suicidal thoughts.

This is coming from someone who would constantly relapse into depression again and again? where I?d literally imagine pointing a shotgun into my mouth.

A healthy brain that is functioning properly delivers the neurotransmitters necessary for a sense of happiness and energy.

After I finally fixed the underlying reasons why I felt depressed, I quadrupled my income, had more energy than I had ever had, and was able to improve my relationships with friends and family. I was finally able to get results in the gym and have energy the following day.

Wendy Fayles

Programs Director for NAMI Utah

TJ is an excellent example of someone who has overcome depression. His understanding and compassion showed in his work as a mentor for NAMI.

Have you tried everything, from positive thinking to taking antidepressants to seeing a therapist, and still relapse into depression?

Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression is a week-by-week program that takes you by the hand and shows you how to take control of your depression, utilizing the new revolutionary methods recently discovered to actually cure your depression.

With ?Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression? you will make the changes necessary over 6 weeks to beat depression and quit painfully relapsing over and over again.

Many people think that depression is ?in the mind? and under their control. But depression has nothing to do with your willpower.

Others think that depression is caused by negative thinking. But negative thinking is only an aspect of depression that is more often the result of depression and not the cause of depression itself.

Take an essential mineral to the human body, lets say magnesium.

Mary has a deficiency in magnesium.

Naturally, she doesn’t feel good. She goes to counseling sessions, has tried medications, but still, something doesn’t feel right. She still doesn’t sleep soundly and has a background level of anxiety all the time.

She is easily stressed. She tries positive thinking, thinking thoughts like ?I’m the best? but still doesn’t feel like she’s ?the best.?

She begins to think she is weak for having depression and anxiety. She reads up on sleep hygiene and thinks that if she only stops reading in bed she’ll finally get a good night’s rest.

But.. she still has the magnesium deficiency. Only if she corrects the deficiency will the clouded thinking, depression, and anxiety finally lift.

It’s amazing how even with all the recent discoveries of neuroscience and biology that intelligent practitioners still fail to see the bigger picture when it comes to depression.

Not only that, but we are constantly fed ideas such as just shake it off or that you must have a Prozac deficiency if you are depressed.

People go on feeling guilty about their inability to mentally wrestle depression out of their lives and feel a sense of helplessness when the only option available to them is taking a strong antidepressant that has a whole list of side effects that are scary in and of themselves.

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Why Most People Stay Depressed

There’s a common analogy for people suffering from drug addiction. It’s that the drug is the “smoke” on the fire, and the fire is actually a deeper problem. The drug is being used to mask the deeper problem. Treatment programs can fail because they are focusing on the “smoke” (the drugs being used) and not the fire (the reasons why the drugs are being used).

They tell the person to stop smoking dope over and over but the person keeps smoking?

But if they focus on the “fire”, they realize this person smokes because its the only thing that gives them energy. This person literally feels no motivation for life? but once the drug enters the body, all the motivation in the world comes rushing in.

This person then corrects some imbalances, restore his or her adrenals, and starts to have natural energy and no longer feels such strong cravings to smoke. THEN you can focus on breaking the habit more effectively.

It’s the same thing with depression. Negative thinking, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts? those make up the “smoke” on the fire. The fire is real problems going on in your biology that need to be resolved.

Remember, if you find yourself thinking negatively all the time, that is often a symptom of the depression, not the cause of the depression itself. Negative thoughts are the “smoke.”

Ask yourself this, when was the best you have ever felt? Imagine that moment, all the feelings and details, and picture what you were thinking.

You were probably thinking positive, weren’t you?

That’s because if we feel like crap, we naturally think negatively. When we catch a virus and we get physically ill, we don’t think “YESSSS! I Loooove being sick.” When we are healthy, we naturally think positive thoughts, what we are going to do tomorrow, what we want to tell our friend, how badly we want to go do something that night, etc.

Why is the dreaded relapse rate of depression so high? Why do so many people fail to find relief from using antidepressant drugs? Why does every relapse of depression bring a person that much closer to losing all hope? Why do we as a society continue to have rising rates of depression despite being medically “advanced?”

The reason is clear:

Most people fail to resolve the root issues of their depression because they’ve never found a step-by-step process to fixing the imbalanced chemistry within their bodies.

They may have highly trained medical doctors and excellent therapists, but without looking at the deeper issues, past the smoke and to the “fire”, they never reach a full state of recovery.

Why a Focus on the Physical Aspects?

Unless a person dives deeper into what is causing their depression, relapse is just around the corner.

People all over are now getting cured of their depression with amino-acid therapy. People all over are now resolving their depression by fixing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. People all over are now beating the high relapse rate of depression by not eating poison all day and eating real foods.

The new research shows that the people who succeed at beating depression and stay depression free have these essentials in place.

Long gone is the idea that people are born “Prozac deficient”?

?if you had symptoms of depression, you went to a physician. The physician prescribed you an antidepressant and sends you on your way.

Except now more and more people are waking up to the dangers of antidepressant medication. More and more people are realizing that the side effects aren’t worth it. Not only that, but more and more people are getting fed up with having to up their dose, change medications, or introduce a new medication after 3 months when the first medication stops working.

If you have found yourself on this page, you’ve likely tried to cognitively think differently, challenge yourself socially, or even gotten therapy. But you still don’t feel 100%.

The question isn’t how to put a band-aid on your depression and feel fine for a few more weeks.

The question is: how do you fix your depression so completely that you never relapse again?

I feel absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I made it! I made it through it all. I have never been so thankful in my life. Thank you so much. It changed my life and has helped me put myself on a road to a happier Brandi. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Brandi Green


In An Overwhelmingly Depressed Society, Traditional Methods Are Proving Themselves to be Failures?

?not successes.

We are surrounded by higher and higher rates of depression. Most people never talk about it.

Secretly drowning in self-hatred and inner tension. Secretly being overly nervous about going to parties. Secretly feeling like nobody quite gets it. Secretly thinking that depression must be a “disease” that you “have for life” after all.

Yet everyone is eating McDonalds, drinking diet soda, chewing on a Snickers bar, never waking up feeling refreshed, sitting in a chair all day, and using TV as their “relaxation.”

Their minds are depleted of neurotransmitters, their stress hormones are through the roof. Their depression is making them fat. They feel pain internally and externally.

They toss and turn in bed and can’t shut their minds off.

They wake up with no motivation and energy. They think thoughts of despair and can’t connect with other people, and the medications are band-aid solutions that are only throwing a whole list of other symptoms at them.

Depression Isn’t a “Disease” That You’ll Have Forever

Yes, its true that if you have had depression you are more likely to have a relapse of depression than a person that has never had a depressive episode.

But the longer you go without a relapse.. The more your brain “rewires” itself and eliminates the pathways that depression made in the brain.

Not only that, but the amino acids discussed in the course replenish your neurotransmitters in your brain naturally and cause no dependency.

The nutritional changes discussed in the course show you how to start actually eating the right foods so you can absorb key vital ingredients to keeping your brain healthy, reversing depression’s toll on the mind.

You will start to release the potent BDNF hormone that literally rewires the brain and reverses the toxic effect of depression.

You will finally bring down the stress levels in your life? so that instead of stress hormones wrecking havoc and depleting your brain of B Vitamins you can get into a state of rejuvenation and recovery.

You will start falling asleep? and sleeping without waking up? so that your body finally gets the rest it needs to repair itself.

Then you’ll learn how to make success inevitable and get the support you need.

Depression Is Resolved Over the Long-Term ONLY If You Resolve the Root Issues

The longer you ignore the “fire” and go after the smoke, the longer you will stay in a cycle of depression.

Think about it?

If you have a Thyroid problem, what happens if you never fix it? You have weight issues, metabolism issues, and you lack energy and enthusiasm for life.

But if you find out you have a Thyroid problem, get it checked and start treatment, you will start to feel better.

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We ALL understand this basic concept.

But when it comes to depression, most of us forget that the same concept still applies.

Depression is resolved over the long-term ONLY if you resolve the root issues.

Despite This? Most People Haven’t Figured Out What the Real Cause Is for Their Depression

If they try to fix their depression at all, they try one random thing after another.

Most people simply haven’t been exposed to a way that they can systematically look at what is causing their depression.

Most people don’t know where to turn except for the doctor’s office for when they don’t feel well.

It’s no wonder that they’re always on the verge of depression.

Feeling themselves start the downward spiral again.

Worried that they’ll actually be able to sleep tonight.

Wondering why people are out having fun yet it all looks so unappealing.

That’s where Six Weeks to Dominate Your Depression comes in.

A Happy Person Is Someone Who Has All The Building Blocks in Place to Produce Happy Neurotransmitters

Imagine this – you start getting the vitamins you need. You start building neurotransmitters in your brain naturally?

Your brain finally has all the ingredients it needs to make dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, norepinephrine, etc. that are responsible for focus, calmness, sociability, happiness, sense of security, and enthusiasm.

Supplying yourself with the ingredients for feeling good is what you needed all along. You just didn’t know it.

There seems to be a stigma about curing anything ?naturally? in western culture. We see images of hippies laying in the grass using unreasonable logic to defend their hypotheses.

There has been numerous studies conducted which have even found that St. John?s Wort can be more effective than antidepressant drugs with fewer side effects. In Germany St. John?s Wort is prescribed more often than antidepressants.

L-Tryptophan has been studied extensively on it?s function in producing serotonin in the brain and double-blind studies have been conducted on its effects for inducing sleep at night for those with insomnia.

Why are prescription drugs so strongly pushed in Western Culture?

Simple: money.

Pharmaceutical companies are very large and have big budgets in order to publish their studies and influence public opinion in their favor. In 2008, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer had combined revenues of $111,906,000,000. They had combined profits of over 20 billion dollars.

According to a writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, ?51% of approved drugs have serious side effects not detected prior to approval.?

And according to Talking Back to Prozac by Dr. Peter Breggin, Prozac conducted fourteen studies. Four of which were used to compare Prozac to a placebo, of which only three were used.

Of the remaining studies, only two studies were positive about Prozac. In fact, the other eight showed that an older antidepressant, imipramine, was more effective.

The FDA only selected the positive studies and excluded the majority of which were negative!

The Good News: You Don’t Have to Pop a Bunch of Pills Forever

I’m going to tell you to start taking a bunch of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

But? unlike with antidepressants or drugs? I don’t want you to be taking all the supplements I recommend in the course forever.

Actually, that’s the beauty of it all. Once you’ve restored your brain back to its natural balance, you stop taking certain supplements.

That’s right.

Once you’ve reached a full state of recovery, certain supplements will become “insurance policies” – there if you fall back and need them, but only when you need them.

Once you’ve replenished the natural stores of serotonin in your brain you’ll be able to coast without additional supplementation.

Once you’ve corrected deficiencies, you can cut back on the vitamins.

We aren’t putting a band-aid on, we’re healing the wound.

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The Problem With Other Approaches

Most of the information I found when I was depressed focused on changing your thoughts. Some of them supply you with hypnosis CDs to help you change your subconscious. Some of them are highly motivational and provide you with the hope that you need to cure your depression once and for all.

But they all lack the complete picture.

Without correcting core issues within your biology and then adding on the other foundational building blocks, people get a momentary relief of depression only to relapse a few months later.

If you don’t go after the real causes, than all the other stuff (positive thinking, relaxation tapes, motivational tips, and so on) won’t work.

That’s where Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression comes in.

Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression: Resolve The Real Causes for Your Depression in Just 6 Weeks

I designed Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression to start with correcting core imbalances first, then building upon that foundation to create the rock solid foundation you need to fight depression.

I show you the different symptoms of depression and how to figure out what neurotransmitters you need to restore. I show you what foods are likely culprits in wrecking havoc on your mood. I show you how to utilize exercise’s amazing ability at reversing depression’s grip on the mind. I show you how to eliminate stress. I show you how to get the sleep that you deserve.

I don’t want this to be a course you buy and watch passively. This is a course to produce lasting change.

Instead of wading through information on generic depression websites that give you the “Top 10 Tips to Beat Winter Blues” I take you by the hand and show you how to tackle your depression head on.

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have the solid foundation for defeating depression yourself.

Each week you will be spending a couple of hours watching the videos and going through the worksheets.

My Promise: At The End Of The 6 Week Course, You Will Have The Core Aspects Of Your Depression Under Control


As a person who has suffered from depression severely for many years, this is the course I wish I would have seen back when I was in the depths of despair.

That’s why I made the course. I want you to get a specific result:? Recovery from depression that lasts you a lifetime.

Quit worrying about forcing yourself to change every thought into a positive one.

Quit worrying about whether or not you are depressed because you have a moral flaw.

Quit worrying about lacking motivation because you are a horrible person.

Quit worrying how hard it is to wake up in the morning and go to work.

Take my course, risk free.? If you don’t feel better at the end of six weeks, ask for a refund.?

Who is this Dominate Depression Guy?

I’m TJ and I created I suffered from depression for 11 years.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology and worked at NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) as a mentor for a year. I even worked at a Research Facility that tested pharmaceutical drugs on people and saw that side of the business.

Shortly after I fixed my depression, I was finally able to really work hard at a job. Thankfully, I read a lot of books while I was depressed, so I had built up a nest of knowledge that I never had the energy or emotional stability to carry out.

After I fixed my depression, my income quadrupled.

I was saving 64% of my income after taxes. I never felt better? except my job just didn’t feel meaningful.

So I quit and moved to Thailand so that I could focus on helping others change their lives like I did.

But lets go back a few years.

My journey to becoming depression free was long and painful.

The first step was actually realizing that feeling worthless and never experiencing pleasure wasn’t normal.

The next step was realizing that there wasn’t something inherently wrong with me. That happened when I thought that skydiving would cure my despair, but after jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the sky, I landed on the ground and barely felt any exhilaration at all.

Then I started realizing this depression stuff was serious? So I ran a marathon. I meditated 2 hours a day. I rode motorcycles really fast. I tried illegal drugs.

Yet I still relapsed into depression, over and over again. Every relapse was excrutiangly painful. I would get to “the place” again and realize “I’ve been here 100s of times before”. I would get scared. Would I relapse over and over for the rest of my life?

Then my best friend of 17 years died. I had reached my breaking point. I decided that if I didn’t cure my depression in one year, I would kill myself. This allowed me to forget everything I thought I “knew” about depression and try everything out there.

First I tried an antidepressant, which didn’t work in the long-run (by the way, I experienced the opposite side of the spectrum when it came to the libido issues, so I didn’t stop because of that!)

I was still depressed months later and randomly wandered into a Barnes and Noble. I was so depressed that I could barely understand what was going on, but I picked up a random book off the shelf and forced myself to read it page by page.

It suddenly hit me? all the puzzle pieces started to come together?

I started taking certain supplements and vitamins and altering my diet on top of the other things I had learnt.

Soon enough, I slept a whole night and woke up feeling well rested. That’s after years and years of debilitating insomnia.

I started waking up with energy. I started to become curious about people. Friendships started to develop naturally.

It wasn’t until I combined amino acids, vitamins and minerals, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and the ability to sleep well that I haven’t had a single relapse in depression ever since.

I vividly remember one day I was driving and the sun was setting. As I looked over, I was overtaken by awe. I pulled over to sit and stare at it for 20 minutes. Then suddenly I realized? I was enjoying a sunset.

I will never forget in that second week when I started using amino acids that I actually pulled over? to enjoy a sunset.

“Oh, so that’s why people enjoy looking at sunsets.” Sounds crazy, but I literally didn’t understand sunsets until then.

I worked at NAMI as a mentor and would give speeches to groups of people. Sometimes adolescents struggling in life, sometimes peers and families, sometimes doctors.

Then I tried working at a research facility that tested pharmaceutical drugs on people, and quickly didn’t enjoy that.

I then succeeded at my next job so well from the energy that I had that I was able to save up enough money to move to Thailand and go after something much more fulfilling. There’s no way I would have been able to move out of the country by myself and not fall into depression back in the day, but now I can.

I quit making that income so that I could focus on helping other people overcome depression like I did. If I can get one person to go through my program and become depression free, I will die a happy man.

Sarah Gilbertson Professional Education and Training Specialist – NAMI

Working with TJ at NAMI, it was clear he had a high understanding of depression. His personal experience gave him a level of empathy with clients to where they felt comfortable enough to move forward towards recovery. His energy and compassion showed in his work and his speeches.

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Here’s What You Get When You Join:

Six Weeks to Dominate Your Depression is a 6-week video course.

The content is delivered 1 week at a time. You can’t skip ahead. When you join, you get access to Week 1. Every 7 days, you’ll get access to the next week’s content (for a total of 6 weeks).

This is intentional.

Depression actually makes it harder for someone to take initiative. Being overloaded with information causes everyone to be paralyzed with not knowing what to do.

I know from personal experience that being depressed and trying to synthesize information into an action plan isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

When you join the course, you consume the information one week at a time so that you can take action.

When I tell you about insomnia I’m not just going to tell you to “not read in bed” and you’ll start sleeping.

You’ll get to the point where sleep comes naturally without all this extra effort of people giving out advice that don’t know what real insomnia is like.

You’ll discover which supplement cured one of my readers of his YEAR LONG Xanax addiction and how to sleep like a rock every night.

This is a supplement that no one seems to know about. Not only that, but this supplement has been scientifically shown to be effective in lifelong sufferers of insomnia?

The amino acid known for the thanksgiving coma can actually be bought as a supplement and is not only safer than xanex, it doesn’t cause dependency either.

Week 1 – Understanding and Using Supplements

Whenever I see someone struggling with depression, the first thing I want to ask them is if they’ve tried taking any vitamins and minerals.

Most people are so starved for nutrients that’s it’s impossible for their brains to function properly.

Not only that, but supplements such as amino acids are the quickest way to safely and quickly restore neurotransmitters back into the brain.

In Week 1, you’ll discover:

The ESSENTIAL vitamins and minerals that you need to be taking to correct deficiencies before anything else will work

Which supplements are safe to take without getting tested and which ones are essential to get tested for first because too much is toxic

How to replenish your neurotransmitters in a natural way that doesn’t cause dependency (In fact, once you’ve brought your brain back into balance, you won’t need them anymore)

Which amino acids will most likely work for you, based on your symptoms, so that you can minimize the time spent experimenting with supplements and maximize your speed to recovery

How and when to take these supplements so that they are absorbed as effectively as possible so you aren’t like everyone else that is wasting their money by taking them at the wrong times

Brands that are known to be of high quality so you can make sure you take something that will work the first time

That there are multiple forms of depression and how to treat them differently

Which supplements to try first once you’ve discovered which neurotransmitters you are lacking, so you can try the supplements that are most likely to work for YOU

Which form of depression is associated with ADD and what to do about it

Which type of depression is associated with anxiety and which supplements correct it

Why feeling tons of dark thoughts is different to feeling numb

If you use marijuana or alcohol, the reason you use them is insight into how to correct your depression (Depending on whether they relax you or excite you)

How being addicted to coffee, cocaine, or uppers is a sign that you are desperately low in catecholamines and how to restore that back into balance, reducing your cravings for the drugs

Which supplements to take if stress is the main factor in your life that is bringing you down

Why you are overly sensitive to everything and a virtually unknown amino acid that helps create endorphins that helps you deal with pain more easily

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Week 2 – Using Nutrition to Enhance Your Brain

Nutrition is your base. It is the core element that holds everything together. Without proper nutrition, you starve your brain of vital nutrients and minerals.

Without proper nutrition, you stay depressed. With proper nutrition, you pave the way for a lifetime of being depression free.

When someone struggles with depression and can’t seem to break out of it, it is because they have failed to learn how to supply their body with what it needs and to avoid the foods that have been scientifically shown to wreck havoc on their moods.

In Week 2, you’ll discover:

What is the most important type of food you need to be eating? at every meal

How to start eating the right foods to supply your brain with the basic building blocks it needs to recover from depression

Which foods have secretly kept you depressed without you knowing (Not only that, but these also make you fat)

Sample menus and meals that you can implement so you don’t have to think about it

How to test for food allergies, an often overlooked reason why people can’t escape their depression.

Why you don’t have low willpower for craving sweets

Why people living in Thailand seem so happy, thin, and nice, whereas people in the western world are obese, sick, and depressed

Which food type you were taught was unhealthy this whole time, but when in reality it has tremendous antidepressant effects… and tastes delicious (You’ll love being able to eat this)

Why healthy food doesn’t taste as good and what you can do about it

How to fix constant mood swings throughout the day so your energy and mood stay consistent for hours.

Why eating low calories will keep you depressed and fat

How to deal with people that give you a hard time about changing your eating habits

The lowdown on sugar, wheat, vegetable oils, and soy

Why some foods make you falsely feel good and literally addicted (this might be the ONLY thing you need to learn to beat depression)

Why you should be taking a closer look at caffeine (If you haven’t explored caffeine’s effects fully, you’ll be surprised)

Which food when eaten 3x a week drastically improves your brain’s ability to function

What to do if you hate vegetables and why your taste buds reject them

How manufacturers try to sneak depression causing chemicals into your food (and a list of common alternate names for sugar)

A list of healthy and delicious foods you can print out from one of the top “rogue” nutritionists

Week 3 – Using Exercise to Reverse Depression’s Damage

We all know that exercise is good for us. So why don’t any of us do it? Why do so many people sign up for gym memberships for the New Year then stop going one month later?

This week you’ll learn what to do about exercise and how to utilize it for its antidepressant effects in a way that excites you instead of intimidates you.

In Week 3 you’ll discover:

What’s the MOST IMPORTANT type of exercise for defeating depression (The answer isn’t what you think)

How to implement a simple technique you can implement instantly that guarantees you’ll keep exercising

How looking at our ancestors reveals why we hate exercise and make up excuses for skipping out on the gym

Why when looking at a treadmill your brain screams for you to NOT get on and start running

What researchers found was the minimum amount of exercise needed for an antidepressant effect

What exactly happens with serotonin while you are exercising and why it is released (hint: it has to do with what’s happening to OTHER amino acids in the body)

How exercise literally releases a key growth hormone that reverses the toxic, brain damaging effects of depression

Why random physical activity isn’t the solution (no one is successful long-term doing this)

How to make your tolerance for exercise go through the roof

How to know your heart rate is where it is supposed to be WITHOUT buying an expensive heart rate monitor

How a research study observing the miles people walked in Disneyland shows us how to keep exercising

Should you exercise as much as possible? (It has to do with your adrenals and nervous system)

Why its actually a warning sign if the only time you feel relief from depression is when you are constantly exercising

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Week 4 – How to Relax and Prevent Stress

This week you’ll begin to implement a method such as meditation to reduce your stress levels and really take control of your depression. Don’t worry, meditation doesn’t have to be all new agey for it work.

In fact, meditation has been researched so much and the evidence is so overwhelming that people all over the world are starting to utilize it.

In Week 4 you’ll discover:

What I like to call the silent killer that hangs out in the background of your mind that you don’t even notice (And keeps you depressed until you solve it)

What people like the 33rd richest man in the United States and Seinfield have to say about meditation

What science and double-blind studies have to say about meditation

Why trying to “think” your way into self acceptance never works (and how this technique DOES work)

Three different meditations you can start using right away that are ridiculously simple

The most important aspect of meditation that people forget

How to meditate in a way that not only brings your anxiety down but amps up your self awareness

How doing a daily relaxation technique can be like giving yourself therapy

Why having a “bad” meditation is more beneficial than a good one

Should you meditate everyday?

How to actually start meditating instead of talking about it

Easy trick to get yourself into the habit of meditation that EVERYONE can do

Why meditation is no longer “new agey” and everyone is starting to do it

How to use a few basic supplements if you still can’t relax

An alternate way to relax and reduce stress other than meditation if that’s not your thing

Week 5 – Mastering Sleep

This might just be your favorite week. Here you’ll learn how to finally put an end to insomnia. You will learn additional tricks to finally start getting a full night’s rest.

In Week 5, you’ll discover:

Why you really aren’t sleeping and what to do about it

How the previous weeks all built up to being able to sleep and how to capitalize on it

How to use sleep hygiene properly instead of letting it cause even more insomnia

When it comes to sleeping through the night, this is where people always get it wrong

How I started sleeping EVERY night naturally and without effort

A random adaptogen that lowers stress cumulatively that nobody seems to know about

What serotonin’s real role is in getting a full nights rest (Without this you will never sleep)

An herb you can use for emergencies (this one should only be used short-term)

Which supplement cured one of my readers of his year long Xanax addiction

Which two minerals have been described by doctors as the body’s natural tranquilizer

Which foods keep you up at night and how to eliminate them

How to never be bothered by loud noises or bright rooms at night again (even while traveling)

How to use free apps for you computer and phone to help your body naturally produce its sleep hormones at night

A nifty device that people are using to reset their circadian rhythms that can make you sleep deeper

What the real reason is when it comes to colder temperatures helping with sleep (it has to do the temperature before it was cold)

Does St. John’s Wort help with sleep?

How a random B-Vitamin helps some people sleep like they did when they were children

How your thyroid can be a hidden factor in how you sleep and how long you sleep

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Week 6 – Creating Permanent and Lasting Change

In the final week, you’ll make sure that you have all the pieces in place. You will learn how to get support and how to get leverage on yourself so that the changes become permanent. You will get additional troubleshooting tips for any problems that might arise. After this week, you’ll be on your way.

In Week 6 you’ll discover:

How to ACTUALLY change habits (and not just be like everyone else who makes a New Year’s resolution)

How to ask for help in the right way (if you’ve been doing this wrong, you’ve been pushing people away)

Why we withdraw from depression and what to do about it (certain changes in the depressed brain mimic another state we commonly find ourselves in)

How do you deal with a toxic relationship?

How to text someone and get them to support you without feeling like you are a drag

The real reason why you don’t get the support you need and why it has to do with you

How I went from always pushing people away to having people happy to rush to my aid

What being direct about your needs means and why it is VITAL to your success in beating depression

Is getting a professional therapist worth it?

Which ratio inside your body is easy to test for (and if it isn’t fixed will keep your brain from functioning)

Two more precautions about food (and why if you haven’t implemented them you will stay depressed)

Which supplements suppress your appetite and what to do about it

Are you taking any medications that are responsible for your depression?

Which conditions you need to rule out if you still suffer from depression

What to do if you have suffered from traumatic life events (the solution is extremely promising)

What disorder can cause you to seriously lack an ability to absorb nutrients (it requires IMMEDIATE help)

What to do if you still have a low level of anxiety

Week by Week Course to Produce Lasting Change

We all know that most people fail when they try to make too many major changes at once.

You get motivated, you see where you want to be, but there is just too much you have to do at once.

Tack on having depression and you have a mind that doesn’t want to do anything.

Trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together was extremely time consuming and frustrating for me. That’s why Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression is delivered once per week over 6 weeks.

When you join, you get access to Week 1. Every 7 days, you get access to a new week’s worth of content, for a total of 6 weeks.

The content is delivered to you week by week so you aren’t bombarded with a ton of information too fast. Trust me, I know.

When I was depressed, I would wander into bookstores and read what I could, but I would always have to backtrack because it was either too confusing or I was too depressed to understand.

The format of the course allows you to implement the changes slowly and increases the likelihood that you’ll stay depression free.

“6 Weeks? But I’m Depressed Now?”

Depression is horrible, especially when each day it is hard to even get up and shower. Going to the grocery store to get a tube of toothpaste can become like running a marathon. I’d go for weeks putting off tasks when I was depressed.

That’s why in the first week you start taking the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Some people experience relief in 20 minutes when taking the right amino acids.

You begin the course by taking the right supplements that will get your brain back to balance as quickly as possible so that you can carry out the rest of the course.

The first week will get you ready to tackle the next week. The next week builds upon the next. And they all build up to enhance sleep, and then you really master sleep in the 5th week to ensure you fix your insomnia.

It’s amazing how much of a difference this is making to everything, general well being, state of calm, focus, my body feels light. Kinda feel a bit stupid for not figuring this out myself.

Had dreams that I can remember for the first time in a long long time both nights. I also used to feel very suicidal for 30 mins every morning after waking up, which would pass quickly and was only ever right after waking up so I got used to it. But feel completely normal now!

Ollie Smith

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Who Will This Course Help?

This course is just me explaining the exact tools I used to cure my 11 year long depression.

My only focus is on supplying you with what you need in order to defeat depression once and for all and never to relapse again.

I’m not on a stage preaching to thousands of people (although I have spoken to large audiences in the past). It’s just you and I, talking about what needs to happen to finally start feeling better.

This course is the culmination After 11 years of depression and trying everything until finally piecing it all together.

If that’s what you want, you’re going to get a ton of value out of this program.

If You Follow the Course, Here’s What You Can Expect

Here’s the deal: If you follow Six Weeks to Dominate Your Depression and actually make the changes I guarantee that you’ll feel an improvement in your mood.

How much is that worth to you?

If it’s hard to put a money value amount on curing your depression (if your depression is anything like mine was, it would have been an astronomical price) just imagine how much more money you could potentially make when you don’t have to hit the snooze button 6 times to roll out of bed and grudgingly go to work.

Personally, I went from making $20,000 a year to making $80,000 a year, so curing my depression netted me an extra $60,000 per year. But I never think of it that way.

Every time I look at a sunset and enjoy it, every time I eat a meal with friends and enjoy their company, and every time I wake up in the morning and feel good, I feel grateful for having figured it out.

Don’t Decide Now? Try Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression With a 100% Money Back Guarantee

It’s Yours Without Risking a Penny


The course took me a while to produce and I put everything that cured my depression into it. But the only thing that matters is what it does for YOU. That’s why you can go through the course AT MY RISK.

Watch the videos. Go through the worksheets. Apply the changes necessary.

And if you haven’t felt an improvement in your mood, send me a quick email within 60 days and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Experience the joy of a sunset. Wake up and feel excitement for the day ahead. Enjoy time spent with your friends and family. Quit feeling like you are worthless and everything is painful.

It’s never too late to fix your depression. It’s never too late to look deeper into the root causes of why you feel the way that you do.

I’m not doing this to get rich. I could have kept my job back home if I wanted to make money. I am doing this because I want to make a living helping people change their lives.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t make sure every customer was happy especially when it comes to depression, so ensuring that the only people that pay me are the people that benefit from the course is important.

This is the course I wish I would have seen when I was depressed.

Can You Afford To Put This Off For Any Longer?

Here on out, people are curing themselves of depression at the root causes.

Julia Ross, Joan Mathews-Larson, Dr. Slagle, Stephan Ilardi,1 are all professionals curing hundreds of people of depression? without drugs. These people are curing their depression and staying depression free. Isn’t it time that you joined them?

When I was depressed, I had the hardest time taking initiative for anything, even if it meant something vital to me. Basic tasks become hard and overwhelming.

Don’t let your lack of initiative and motivation stop you from moving forward, even if it is as easy as a course delivered to you week-by-week.

Solving your depression with the means of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and mastering your sleep is the BEST way to ensure you life-long success.

That’s why this program works. It isn’t a band-aid solution. It isn’t another quick fix (although sometimes it CAN be quick) that will only keep you depression free for two weeks.

That’s what Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression gives you. A ticket out of your depression. And it’s all risk free.

Six Weeks To Dominate Your Depression is a Week-By-Week System That Shows You Exactly What To Do To Defeat Depression

Remember, it is risk free.? If you are anything less than satisfied, send me a quick email within 60 days and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Many people have told me I should be charging hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the course, but I am purposefully keeping the price low for a short period of time.

??? Instant Access to the Course After Purchase So You Can Start Feeling Better Today

??? Everything is Simplified in a Step-By-Step Process so You Don’t Get Overwhelmed and Instead Make Real Recovery

??? Course is Designed By Someone Who Suffered from Depression Himself for 11 Years – And Overcame It

Only $97 For A Limited Time Only

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No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t afford the payments?

Can you afford to be depressed any longer? That is what will happen if you don’t start attacking depression’s root causes. If you don’t have the core fundamentals in place, you are at high-risk of being another casualty of depression’s high relapse rate. Plus, you can test-drive the entire Six Weeks To Dominate Depression at NO RISK for 60 days.

Do I need to buy anything else after the course?

Yes, you will need to purchase a few vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. At the very minimum, the “basics” that I outline in week one is what you’ll need.

Other than that, only thing is buying healthier food options. Which can actually save you money, don’t worry :).

How is everything delivered to me?

You will receive an email shortly after signing up to the course to give you access to Week 1’s content. Every week, you will get a new email with a link to the next week’s content. This is to ensure that you take your time and focus on building the habits necessary to defeat depression.

If at any time you don’t have the email or want to simply log in and view the course content, you can go to the top of, click on “Six Week Course” and click “Existing Members.”

How does the guarantee work?

If you are anything less than happy with your results, send me a quick email within 60 days and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

I already have a few supplements I am trying out. Is that ok?

Yes, of course! Have you had any success with them? Most people try a random supplement here, another random supplement over there.

Six Weeks To Dominate Depression shows you how to systematically take specific supplements so that they work for you and your symptoms. You will also receive a daily schedule on when to take the vitamins and amino acids.

?If You’ve Been Trying to Overcome Depression Only To Relapse Over and Over Again, Six Weeks To Dominate Depression Will Help

Six Weeks To Dominate Depression shows you how to systematically take specific supplements so that they work for you and your symptoms. You will also receive a daily schedule on when to take the vitamins and amino acids.

Don’t Lose Another Second Of Your Life To Depression

Hey, what’s up? I’m TJ Nelson. You are probably here wondering:

Why do I never have any energy?

Can I ever feel good without having to take an antidepressant?

I feel good, then I relapse.? Will this cycle ever end?

What are the real causes for my depression?

Is it actually possible to fix your depression and not just manage it?

If you are sick of reading generic ?Top 10 Tips to Combat Winter Blues? articles that you get when searching for solutions?

Or if you’ve ever just needed to get real advice from someone that has fixed his own 11 year long depression?

You’re in the RIGHT place!

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Dominate Depression Community

Dominate Depression is a fast growing community of people waking up and realizing they really can feel great everyday? overcome their depression for good? and not have to take random medications handed out by doctors that talked to them for 5 minutes.

You can fix root causes of depression by altering your nutrition, implementing a few little known supplements, and implementing a few other simple tricks.

When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to all the insights that I’ve learned (and this isn’t anywhere else on the site, only in my emails).

I’ve learned key concepts that if you miss you might never fix your depression:

Why positive thinking can be a trap (this insight instantly relieved me of the stress of having to constantly monitor my thoughts to feel better)

What foods destroy feel good neurotransmitters in your brain (a lot of my success has been from eliminating these foods)

How is serotonin actually made and why is leftover serotonin so important (this is also why antidepressants tend to lose their effectiveness over time)

Why sleep is so important and what really fixes insomnia (this one supplement cured one of my readers of his Xanax addiction instantly)

And much, much more.

What’s the best way to get ALL of the BEST research on how to actually overcome depression? Sign up for the mail list below:

My Story of Depression

I first remember having feelings of depression as a youngster. My first memories of mood problems was when I was 10 years old. I started thinking about some rather dark stuff for a 10 year old such as death.

I even once tried to kill myself by taking a bunch of melatonin, which thankfully just made me feel very rested the next day.

I was always in a fog and never wanted to be with other people. I thought that everything was normal; I was just different.

Once I entered High School, my feelings of depression started to worsen. My older brother got a rare form of peritoneal cancer at the age of 23 which killed him in a month afterwards.


During this time, I started to go down the spiral of addiction.

There’s nothing quite so raw as hitting the rocky bottom from depression and drug addiction. I had suicidal thoughts everyday and eventually realized I needed a change.

I quit drugs but I was still depressed.

True Recovery

I realized the severity of my problem when I went skydiving.

Imagine having your own parachute (I was training to get certified), flying up in a plane, jumping out of this plane, free falling at high speeds with winds rushing past the tiny spaces between your teeth, reaching over and finding that lifesaver of a parachute and yanking it out to your side, and safely landing on the green earth.

And not enjoying a second of it. As I was walking back into the hangar, everyone greeted me with smiles and excitedly asked me, How was it?!?? I shrugged my shoulders and replied, Eh, not bad.

When I landed, I was still depressed

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The Turning Point of My Life

My friend that I was close to for 17 years died.? I gave the first speech, was a pall-bearer, and followed the hearse to the cemetery on my friend’s bike.? I cut myself a deal.? I said I would do whatever it takes, and if I am still depressed by February 2012 I’d kill myself.

This allowed me to try everything and not hold onto beliefs I had about treating depression.

About TJ Dominate Depression Bike Ride to Funeral

Riding behind the hearse to the funeral. This sparked the ?deal? that I made with myself that changed my life forever.

After trying positive thinking, a crazy lifestyle, skydiving, exercise, changing behavior, meditating, improving communication skills, trying an antidepressant, etc. I finally realized the last piece of the puzzle  nutrition.

I began eating healthy, testing out certain foods for allergies, and taking vitamins, magnesium, and supplements such as 5-HTP and DLPA.

I can now finally say that I am basically depression free and haven’t felt better.





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