4 Deadly Myths About Stress


Stress affects our life in many ways. Also, many myths associated with it may be more harmful to your health. Myths related to stress may also be considered correct. (Deadly Myths About Stress)

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The situation of mental and emotional anxiety arising from adverse and challenging conditions is called stress. Due to which you have to deal with many psychological and physical problems like weight gain, insomnia, heart attack.

Stress becomes even more dangerous because it is considered correct by many myths associated with it. Let’s know about some of the myths that you might also find to be true.

Myths and facts about stress

If You Do Not See Symptoms Of Stress, You Are Not Stressed:

If you do not see the common symptoms of stress, then assuming that you do not suffer from stress is wrong. Because rare allergies, less or more of appetite, forgetfulness, and confusion are also symptoms of stress, which is generally considered to be a common disease.

Taking Alcohol Relieves Stress:

Many people start drinking alcohol to relieve stress. According to a study, taking active alcohol increases the activation of stress hormones in your brain. Therefore, the consumption of alcohol increases stress rather than reducing it.

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Only Negative Events Are Stressed:?

Negative events do not always cause stress. Sometimes thinking about some positive things also causes your stress problems. Like if you are going to travel somewhere and you are afraid of air travel, then this may also be the reason for your stress.

Deadly Myths About Stress

Stress Makes Hair White:

Although stress harms your hair, still it does not cause your hair to be white. According to a study by the American Academy of Dermatology, stress only stops the growth of your hair, because your brain puts all your attention to the body to relax.

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