17 Ways To Make Your Sad Mind Happy

17 Ways To Make Your Sad Mind Happy

17 Ways To Make Your Sad Mind Happy

Sometimes everyone feels depressed. In most cases, that which is sadness, is a normal response to those changes in the lives of human beings and circumstances. The good thing is that everyone has the ability to feel happiness in addition to this, there are so many things you can do that can help you to realize your happiness and feel better.

Method 1 – Finding Happiness Within Yourself

  1. Write your Feelings:

Buy a journal or diary, which you just use to write your thoughts and feelings. Often, to understand the feeling of your sadness, it is very helpful to write them well. This will help you to “play in a tune” with you, which will make you feel more and more understandable about yourself.

If you write diaries even 20 minutes in the day it helps to understand and clarify the thoughts of your sadness, which helps you realize the real reason for being depressed. With this, it keeps a look at the pattern of your behavior and emotions. Apart from this, according to some research, because of writing diaries you are less stressed, which improves your physical health and strengthens the immune system.

Instead of putting your full attention on how you are writing, write it down on whatever you are writing. In other words, do not pay attention to the grammar or spelling. For example, the entry in the diary should look like this: “My day was very bad – bad memories of my divorce would not leave me alone. Sometimes I do not understand that I It should still be unhappy for it, because it is just a matter of a year ago, when I was divorced, but our marriage had been broken a long time ago. But I am afraid that in my moment of time Only I am disturbed and because of this my children are very disturbed. I am very angry with myself, why can not I remove my sadness from myself. People are divorced, so why not only me forget about it Lastly, at this time, I got very comfortable talking to my sister, I feel that I should call her, I know, tomorrow is going to come a new day for me. “

  1. Laugh and Smile:

According to the study, your mood improves by making you act laughing and you begin to feel happy. Apart from this, endorphins are released by laughing, which is a kind of brain , Which improves your mood.

Even if you do not feel like this, but still using the muscles to laugh and smile, you can feel happy. Just try to show off it also will work for you. For the first time, this may seem to be a coercive work, but due to laughing or smiling, you will be remembered with such a memorable funeral or a happy, due to which you will get real smiles or laughter.

If you want to smile or smile without any effort, then watch a fun funny movie, read a book full of humor, or spend some time with some of your friends, who can be laughing at you.

  1. Open your heart:

Whether you want to feel better and be happy again and do not want to cry because of it, but sometimes crying can make your mood even better. If you feel that you should cry, then do not press it at all and whenever you want, then tear your tears out. When tears come out due to crying, you feel like that all your misery has “gone out”, due to which you will feel better and more relaxed.

Studies have shown this, that most of the people who cry is very good after crying. To some extent this happens because crying is one of the natural ways to free stress hormones from the body.

However, crying helps to relieve stress and improve your mood is very relieved, but it is important that you should also come in to stop your tears, and if you can not stop them, then it may be caused by some kind of serious emotional or hormonal The problem may be a sign. If you have a feeling that you can not control the crying, then you have to think of taking professional help from a physician or therapist. Ga.

  1. Try to see the big picture of life:

What’s in your life, which makes it worth living or living? Think of all those things in your life that you value, such as your friends, family, and you too will realize that there are so many things to be happy about and thank you, even if you Do not be very happy or thankful at this time. It has been revealed from many studies, that there is a deep connection with gratitude or gratitude.

Think about the good memories. If you have felt them once, then you can feel them again. And this is the specialty of beautiful memories; Just because you are feeling bad every now and then, this does not mean that it is going to be the same way tomorrow.

In case of a small incident, such as getting bad marks in an assignment, but in the case of sadness, think again over that incident and think if you are still unhappy about this incident after 10 years and what if this event will keep you so much. Think of an old saying, “What do you think about small things” or the DDLJ Movie “Those big things that happen in small cities” dialogue.

Try to find something to stay happy every day. On social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, hashtags like “100happydays” or “findthelight” are used, which help people find the moments of small goodies present in their lives.

Even if your sadness, based on the painful incident in your life, such as the death of your spouse, then it will be very helpful to look back on your life once more. For example, maybe you remember a good memoir of your lost partner and remembering the good moments spent in life with you can be a good fit, even if you have not lost it soon .

  1. Deliver your mind:

Sometimes when we are unhappy, then it becomes difficult for us to think of something else. However, because of being surrounded by your sadness, you suffer a lot of harm, and due to this you will get helplessness and helplessness. In this way, the disorientation of a happy mind, your mind, your Helps to apply on someone other than sadness and also reduces your stress – Scientists call it “flow”. You do not have to ignore your problems, but you have to absorb yourself in such activity, where you do not have the time and place to meditate. Here are some examples of such examples, Helping you to stray your mind:

Listen to music. Try to stop the desire to listen to the painless ones. Listen to energized, fun, dance mix or cheerful songs at such times, which can motivate you or remind you of your good times. Music should be used as a very effective therapeutic tool.

See some pictures of your childhood trip, graduation and any major life event. If there is a funny crop in front of you, do not hide it. Have fun with it. This will help you to remind you how much life gets passed and how good (and funnier!) Moments are not filled with such misery in your life.

  1. Read:

Leave yourself in the past or else in another world. Books take us to many such places, where we have never gone before, these places, we are much more adventurous and romantic than we are living in. Whether you are reading a historical book or a romance book, because of losing in a different world like this, your mind will remain calm and you will be able to meditate on some other side. Just because of reading for six minutes your level of stress can be less than two-thirds.

Method 2 – Assessing Your Sadness

  1. Understand the sadness:

Depression is a small part of the experience of some big misery. This is a painful experience, which is often born due to an external factor such as breakup, quarrel or disagreement with a close friend, away from family or losing someone dearly. This sadness is such a common feeling, which every human being feels in some part of their life.

Depression caused by any heavy misery can affect your attention, hunger and sleep.

  1. Recognize the difference between depression and sadness:

Depression is very different from depression, it is important for you to know this, because their treatment is very different. Extremely different from depression, there is no known external cause of depression; This is such a thing that people take a fiddle. Depression is a more serious problem, due to which the mood gets spoiled, very little or too much sleep, loss of weight or sudden increase, loss of appetite, or excessive appetite, low energy, around you There is no interest in the world, ignoring social situations, lacking in meditation, and feeling utterly useless.

The biggest difference between depression and sadness is the lack of experience, happiness, love and hope. When people are depressed, they can feel happy or happy even during that period. However, in the case of depression, most people who feel it can not find happiness, hope or anything, and they become emotionally flat or emotionally numb. Apart from this, for the Depression people, their sadness becomes like clouds which are moving on them every time, there is no way out; Those people are habituated to keep repeating their sorrows and staying home, and they are never easily “happy”.

Along with this, depression is a thing which is always with you and it can be a thing of which a person struggles for months, years or even the entire life, while sadness is momentarily momentary or temporary. If you find yourself unable to cope effectively with your sadness, as if your everyday habits have had a great effect and you have a doubt that you are undergoing depression, then in this case, you will find a mentally health professional You should meet and talk about it. It is necessary to take psychotherapy and medication in the treatment of depression, so it is important that you have to know well once to get the treatment properly, that whatever you wish to have, Sometimes there is a long-lasting feeling of sadness or not.

  1. Think over your emotions:

Has there been something like this in your life that could explain your decision to this feeling? For example, have you just encountered your breakup or have you lost someone from your family? Identifying the real cause of your sadness will help you understand and overcome it. Thinking about external reasons like this will also confirm that you are feeling a normal sadness due to some incident and this is not an old depression.

Along with this, due to the real reason to make you sad, you will be able to find out the right procedure to deal with your grief and reduce it. As such, the sadness that feels after 3 months of being broken with your boyfriend, will be quite different from that sadness, which you will feel at that time, if after your marriage ten years, just recently your husband’s death Has happened

If you have faced any major damage or trauma, then it will be beneficial for you to talk to a mental health professional, who can help you in planning with you to cope with your sadness and sadness. According to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress inventory, the most stressful events that can affect the physical and mental abilities of any person, including the passing of the spouse, divorce, marital separation , And death of a close family member. In such cases, where there is a possibility of deep sadness, the technique shown below is proven to be very effective when used with therapy.

Method 3 – Doing Fun Activities

  1. Exercise:

Get out on the walk, jog up, or ride the bike. Play team sport. Do any such work in which you stand up and move from your place. Due to the exercise, your body will have a “fair-good” seminal emission of endorphins, which improve your mood and reduce stress in the body.

Any such exercise or physical activity in which energy is needed and your muscles are being used, it helps in the release of these helpful endorphins from your body. So if you do not feel like running or running out, then cleaning the house or walking 15-20 minutes will also start endorphins from your body, which will give you the feeling of happiness inside you.

  1. Make a Happy Breakfast:

Scientists have confirmed that, when and how you eat, its effect affects your mood and feelings. If you are feeling sad, then take low-fat, low-protein, but high-carbohydrate breakfast, such as oats, banana etc. When high-carbohydrate foods are not taken in excess quantity with the presence of protein or fat, they release amino acids tryptophan in your brain. Then it goes to tryptophan and turns into serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter, which improves your mood within 30 minutes.

If you wish, you can also take carbs such as baked popcorn or a slice of whole wheat. But keep distance from high protein substances such as cheese and poultry. Such intake of substances prevents saroten from coming, because the amino acids inside them compete among themselves and ultimately prevent Tryptophan from releasing it in your brain.

  1. Do something completely different:

Sometimes the same and the boring routine can also make you bad. So take away some of the natural things done everyday (yes, but do not get too excited to do it Go!). Come out, meet your friend or come to the museum, surprise them by making a lunch for mom or else go out on a weekend trip in your city or anywhere. By mixing all such things, you will be able to understand your passion for life again.

If you want, by doing some small “changes” in your daily schedule, you can bring some newness to your life. As such, try to do things differently in the morning. As such, after making a bath, make tea. Get out of the house today for work. Just try to make such a different change in your daily routine, and then see how you feel. Sometimes our routine, which we become etc., feels very good at the beginning, but it seems like a compulsion later.

  1. Do your favorite things:

Put emotions or negativity in your mind in another activity. Do any such work, which makes you feel comfortable, such as painting, photography, playing music instrument, writing songs or gardening. Just do the same, which can give you a sense of peace and take your mind away from everyday problems present in your life. It does not mean that you can “run away” with your sadness, but it means that you can take some time to do things you like or work, and you can better cope with it. Will become

If you want, you can start doing a new activity too. Maybe, you wanted to do Yoga long ago, but you never got a chance. To give a new dimension to your life, you start something new; creating a new activity or making new hobbies is a great way to meet other people of your kind.

  1. Take shower or bath:

After bath you will feel very surprised by the changes you have made. Just keep the bath water cool. Drinking with cold water is quite beneficial and peaceful; According to the research, bathing with cold water improves blood flow and circulation in your body, stress and tension decreases and your mood is better. Because of the cold, endorphins are released in your blood stream and in the brain, and this makes you feel happier and positivity.

If you feel like taking a bath, try adding a little bit of Epsom salt (rock salt, about 1-2 cups) in bath water. To make detox and tension out of your body, endorphins have been confirmed by rock salt and this will reduce stress and improve mood.

Method 4 – Being Social

  1. Talk to a friend:

Meeting people, talking and staying in touch with them, it plays a very important role in keeping you happy. With some of your friends, about your sadness or the sadness of this Talking about the reason behind the back may help you to reduce your pain, because by doing so you will realize that someone is so concerned about your welling. Talking out loud helps your emotions “to get out”, and with that, it is also clear why you express your sayings in such a way that how can you actually make a decision Are there. Because of its expression in words, now your sadness is no longer just for you, but it becomes the truth about which you can discuss.

Research has shown that such people who experience too much stress in life, such as losing their partner or leaving the job; if they have friends and family with whom they have they rely on their difficulties very easily.

Along with this, you can get some new lessons while talking to your friend. As it may be, your friend may have faced similar feelings or situations like you and they might give you some help or advice. Apart from this, your friends, seeing your problem from a different perspective, can be successful in helping you solve your problem by solving any one such problem, which you do not even care about once Ho. Like, suppose that you are trying to recover from your breakup, it may be that your friend reminds you of every moment when you used to complain about her boyfriend’s self-fish complaint. In this case, instead of letting you stay confused with your breakup, you may be reminded of that one thing, because of which you have breached.

Friends can help you feel with them at the moment of your need, as well as help you to reduce the feeling of loneliness inside you. They will listen to you, talk about them and understand you too. Along with this, talking with your friends, maybe you get laughing at something and if you are happy, then maybe you can change your mood by talking to them!

  1. Get out and grow up with people:

Watch a movie, go for a dinner, or go out to ride a bike with your family or friends. In addition to wandering your mind, because of meeting with such people, your mind will be removed from you for some time. Just talk to others – even if you’re not really happy with them, this may also look good to you – and the change in the environment can improve your mood.

If you are a lonely person only by nature, then do not make a pressure on your side to increase contact with people, because of this you will be upside down and more stress and you will also get worried. Make a goal to live in a limit, instead of spending one whole night with your friends, take a little chat with people, such as asking for help, taking a grocery or doing a pedicure with a friend.

  1. Spend time with your pet:

If you do not like meeting people, then love loving a pet from your beloved, try to spend some time with her! In this way, by loving your favorite pet, you will get a sense of that proximity with which any person needs the most, and this will improve your mood too. According to some research, Due to spending some time with the dog, the amount of endorphins in your body increases; it is a chemical, which in your mind can bring positive feelings with receptors.

Apart from this, by looking at the movement of our bodies and listening to our voice, we have the ability to recognize our mood, so they often get the sense of feeling in our own mind.

  1. Attention to others:

Because of your energy and your time being used to help other people, you will not only be busy but will also be happy to help someone in you, due to which you You will begin to feel good about yourself and your situation.

Choose a volunteer activity for yourself, for which you have a passion already, such as helping the homeless people, or feeding the hungry people, caring for street dogs, or resorting to an elderly person

If you do some very little work for someone, such as letting someone stand in front of you in the grocery store, you can also make a good fit. The feeling of help of someone coming to your mind, this is something that you just do not think, but instead, it will awaken the feeling of goodness inside you.


Do not try to hide your wings from everyone; nothing in your situation will improve. Talk to your trusted friend or family member, talk about your feelings in mind and they will help you to give you social support. If you need more support, then consider getting advice from a counselor or any other mental health professional. These people will at least help you in planning a plan to deal with this sadness.

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