13 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When You’re Nervous

13 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When You’re Nervous

13 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When You’re Nervous

Being nervous is neither fun nor easy. Your heartbeat may increase, palms may become sweat or sticky, and you may shiver and you may feel as if you are out of control. To calm you down, it is necessary to remind only that all people are sometimes disturbed and eventually you have control over your body and mind. If you have the right attitude and some techniques to keep yourself calm, then you can get rid of this nervousness soon.

Method 1 – What to do when more nervous 

  1. Pay attention to breathing:

Sometimes, you need to concentrate on your own on-going breath just to be a little quiet. Stop doing whatever you are doing, and pay attention to taking deep breaths and leaving them, and as people take a shallow breath when troublesome, let them take long breaths carefully in place of them. Focusing on this can help you to be calm and focused quickly.

If you are worried then what you can do another trick is to breathe in the nose and slowly relax with your mouth. Doing this ten times will make you feel more calm and focused.

  1. Share your attention:

Though you can not ignore your fears and concerns forever, and if you think that to deal with them, you can do nothing other than worry, then perhaps you will get your attention from there would like to be removed for a short time. Do something like this, so that your thinking helps you to forget your problems and you feel more comfortable, such as:

  • To read
  • Dance
  • song
  • To be immersed in your favorite TV show
  1. Sit in a dark room for a minute:

Sometimes you are so upset because either emotion are being overwhelmed or you are just normalizing yourself. By going into the dark room, you become calm and in control – understand this as a great form of closing eyes. Next time you are upset, take permission and move to another room where you can turn off the lights. Standing steady, focus your breath on your breath and you will feel that your control has increased on itself.

  1. Count countdown to 50:

If you focus on numbers and not on anything else, then after a slow and slow one, you will find that your breath will return to normal speed and you will also become a little calm. If you are in a public place then you can count it too. If this idea does not work then after reaching one you can count back from one to 50 so that you can get more time to calm down.

Method 2 – Spend trouble generated energy

  1. If you have a habit that is often troubled by you, then take a friendly ball with you.

Whenever you are upset, then you can press him gently and you can keep on persuading him to spend your hard-earned energy. This will help you to be calm and you will feel that you have a place where you can remove all your tension. You can keep this ball on your table, put it in your bag or even keep it in your pocket.

  1. Relieve one part of your body in restlessness:

You will feel less relieved by destroying your physical body. Just keep quiet, close your eyes, and before letting go of stress, feel him in the body. Then take deep breaths like you bring your arms, feet, body, neck, hands, pillows, back, or any part where you are feeling tense, resting in rest.

  1. Spend the trouble generating energy:

Only 10 minutes of stroke can improve your mental state a lot. Studies have shown that as a walk, those nerve cells in your brain become active, which gives relaxation to relaxation. Although you may feel relieved to do some physical activity before any program, but one from the program even before hour, taking 10 minutes walk will give you relief.

  1. Do yoga and exercises:

Studies have shown that exercise not only stimulates you, but also helps to calm your nerves. By shaking the body, you can get rid of some trouble-related energy and due to this you can be balanced all day. Only 30 minutes of exercise per day can have a big impact on your attitude towards life and your social behavior.

  1. Note:

The habit of focusing only for ten minutes per day can help calm your nerves and become a less stimulating person. It can help to calm your body and mind and feel in your control. To meditate you only have to do that, find a quiet place, get a place to sit, and try to bring one part of your body to the state of rest, with the breath coming inside the body and going Do. Focus on stabilizing the body and removing thoughts from the brain with softness.

Meditation immediately before any stressful program helps you to stay calm.

Method 3 – Dealing with future events

  1. Worry

If you are worried about who you are ready for, feel that you can break off the relationship with your boyfriend, present in the classroom, or job interview. Now it is one thing to be prepared – studies, exercises, whatever you have to say is well-known – but when you enter the room, feeling confident and self-confident, there is absolutely another thing. Try to tell yourself that you know what you have to do, and you are able to get it. Remind yourself of the hard work that you have done for that day and also that you deserve success.

  1. Be prepared:

The sense of readiness is important, but similarly “ready” to be ready. If you want to keep the level of difficulty at a minimum, then you have to feel that you are the master. You can not go there thinking that you have forgotten your notes, you do not remember your lines, or whatever you have to say to your friend or boyfriend, you have forgotten it. Make sure you say that you have practiced it and you have knowledge of its background so that you can answer any questions, and it seems that you have a complete understanding of the matter, not just reading the written note.

  1. Know what is expected:

Another method of being less worried about the situation is that you know as much as you can before reaching there. Although your face will be with an unexpected event always and you will not always be able to know what is expected, but you can try to get as much information as possible so that you can feel that the situation is as bad as possible. You are in control. These are some of the methods that can help you to know what you should expect to have trouble:

If you are going to date, then to see how it looks, how people wear clothes there, or any thing whose information can reduce your anxiety, see the place one day in advance. You can also see what is in the menu so that you do not have to worry about it when you order it.

If you have to make a presentation at a place where you have never gone before, see if you can go there a few days before you know the design of the place. This can tell you how much space is available for you to walk, where you can put appropriate content for the presentation and how much you need to raise your voice.

If you are presenting in any of your classes, then stand in front of the Desks before or after the class and feel how it feels like. You will be surprised to know how much difference is seen from the other side of the classroom. You will understand how hard it will be for your teacher!

  1. Look at your troubles in a reasonable perspective:

It is important to remember that even if you have failed in some big test, there is no big deal and your life will not be destroyed forever. Or you propose to walk away from your beloved and reject or give it, then eventually you will recover from this sadness. Sit down with a friend, write in the diary or just sit down and think about all the things that make you scared. Conquering your fear on the basis of logic, you will realize that there is no reason for trouble. Ask yourself, “What can be the worst?” If you get disapproved or fail in a big test or your presentation gets confused, then this is not the end of the world. There are still many opportunities left in life. Use it as an experience that can be learned from something.

  1. Focus on the successes of the past:

Focusing on whatever you have found in life will help you to be assured that you will continue to get good things. When you are performing in class then think about the previous things when you had performed without hesitation. If you have not done anything like this in the past, then do some practice in front of some friends or family, and when it comes to the important day, remind yourself to see how easy it was.

If your problem is about going to date or is about to fall in a romantic situation, then think about how much pleasure you enjoyed traveling around with that person in the past. Also, also it is not wrong to be troubled – when you want someone, then this is a natural reaction!

Method 4 – Think positively

  1. Use positive affirmations:

Positive affirmations help you to see life in a more positive light and reduce the problems caused by upcoming events. Only bringing positive thoughts about self and expressing them in words can reduce your problems and help you become a more pragmatic person. This becomes even more useful when you are about to start an important work or just before the trouble starts. If you get used to it every day, then you will start spending more quiet life.

Before you do something about which you are upset, just say so, “I am ready and also worthy, even me. I will do a great job. “Or” I will be able to do very well and there is nothing to worry about. “

  1. Use Positive Motion:

Try closing your eyes and trying to visualize it, because of which you are upset. Seeing yourself coming to the room in thoughts is performing your best and giving positive feedback to all the people around. Look at yourself in calm and calm in imagination. When you are ready, open your eyes, and let yourself accept this image as valuable memory. Although it may seem a bit silly, but it is a great way to “trick” to calm them.

If you are worried about something that you have to do after getting up in the morning, then you should practice positive more sense just before sleep, so that success is one of the last things in your brain.

   3. Increase confidence:

Being more trustworthy and secure will cause less trouble with the problems you face. If you do some effort to demonstrate your faith, such as standing right, to bring positive thoughts in place of negative thoughts and to be more specific in relation to your decisions, then by this process you will feel more confident and calm.

Method 5 – Let your emotions show

  1. Let the thoughts go out:

Sometimes there is no cure for giving up the brooding feelings to come out. If you are feeling very tense, then cry bitterly and it will ease your problems. When you cry, and then wipe your tears, calm yourself and start doing whatever you need. If you are really tensed or troubled, then getting rid of those intense or troubling emotions can actually clean your mind and body and prepare you to face the day.

  1. Write it down:

One more thing you can do to avoid getting annoyed regularly is to add a habit of typing diary. You can write about your daily life or just focus on things that are bothering you. If you write down the things about which you are getting bothered, then it will help you gain control and perspective on them and you will be able to consider them rationally instead of thinking only on the basis of emotions. If you write the diary at least several times a week, then you will be able to stay more calm and focused.

Regarding the causes of the problem and how you can overcome that problem and move on, writing can be beneficial.

  1. Talk to someone about your problem:

Talk to your doctor, family, trusted friend or partner. Perhaps they can give some suggestions regarding reducing your problem. It is also a matter of fact that you will feel good about opening your problems and you will also lose some of your fears. Instead of keeping everything under your control, while being honest with your feelings, try to talk to people.

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